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6 Signs You Need a New Job

6 Signs It's Time For a New Job

At some point in our lives, we all cruise the job sites to see what’s out there. Sometimes it’s due to boredom, other times you feel the pang of needing something new. But how often do we wait way too long before we realise something isn’t right for us, or that you’re no longer satisfied in your current role? Too often. And there are usually a few red flags you’ll want to pay attention to that mean you should go from simple consideration to an active search and ultimately landing yourself that new job. Here’s are 6 signs that it might be time for a new job!

You Dread Going To Work

Unless you’re paid to cuddle puppies, it’s safe to say that very few of us are doing cartwheels out of bed when Monday arrives. None of us is a stranger to this feeling, and we all have days where we would much rather be somewhere or doing something else. But when this begins to be a recurrent theme in your daily life and the feeling of dread about going to work starts to dominate your weekends, then it’s time to look for something new.

Disrupted Sleep

This was a big one for me. I would wake up on the hour, every hour with the feeling of dread that I was late for work or had missed/forgotten something really important. I was stressed out more than was necessary and it was leaving me tired, irritable and made it harder for me to get through the day. Going into work tired and wound up tight made the working day less enjoyable and more of a chore. And ultimately this had me feeling unmotivated and I lacked enthusiasm for what I was going. At that point it was clear to me, it was time for a change.

You’ve Already Considered a New Job

If you’re already thinking about it, then chances are it’s time to jump ship. Your subconscious is a powerful tool that is overlooked. If you’re having dreams of landing a new job, or the thought randomly creeps into your mind more often than you care to admit that’s a clear indicator that your mind is trying to send you a message. Or there is an underlying need for change that is being ignored. This should be your biggest sign. As soon as you click that job search and start scrolling, or upload your CV to a job site… you, my friend, need a new role.

Things Are Stagnant

The biggest reason people leave their jobs is that there’s no progression. We all like to move forward and if you’re stuck in the same place, with nowhere left to go, no new skills to learn, no new challenges to explore – then why stay? And sometimes the opportunities might be there, but for some reason, you’re being overlooked. At this point, sometimes it’s better to look elsewhere and seek a new job that has the avenue for growth and where things move forward, giving you to opportunities you lacked before.

It’s Toxic

Disagreements and conflicts at work are totally normal. But a toxic environment is as damaging as a toxic relationship or friendship. If the space you spend most of your time, outside of the home, is making your miserable or people are bringing you down more than is necessary – remember that you DON’T have to take it. This kind of space can affect your mood, your mental health, your outlook on life and if you take it home with you, it can affect your relationships. Truly it can have a huge ripple effect on your life! Don’t be a glutton for punishment because it’s what you’re familiar with. Jump that sinking ship and wave goodbye.

You Don’t Feel Secure

You may have worked somewhere for 10yrs, but you’re starting to notice that the staff turnover is higher. Contracts are getting dropped. Hours are being reduced. Overtime is no longer available. Or it may be as plain as the fact you’ve literally been warned redundancy is a threat. There are usually a few warning signs when a company is struggling and when you don’t feel secure in your job role, it can be hard to concentrate and to put your time and effort into something you aren’t sure will be there next week. Do yourself a favour and seek a new opportunity somewhere where this isn’t an issue. The anxiety and stress you’re feeling will be lifted and will do wonders for your wellbeing!

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  1. This has come at the perfect time! I recently started a new job and I feel SO much better! Its made me realise I never felt welcomed in my old job, and no one ever actually talked to me, and if they did it was patronisingly. I actually look forward to my job now which is something I never thought Id say!! xx

    • I do too. I look forward to going to work now. It’s amazing what a change like that can do for your self-esteem and outlook on life!

      Laura x

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