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An Open Letter To My Heart

Dear heart of mine,

I know things haven’t always been easy for you, and there have been times where you never thought you would mend. The pain you have caused me in the past was almost unbearable, and I’d wished I could remove you. But we got through it and it’s time I said ‘thank you’.

Each and every experience we have gone through together has shaped and moulded who we are. We need not share the details of our history because we were both there, and we both know when and where we went wrong. But it wasn’t always down to you, you weren’t always to blame.

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you thought they would. Circumstances and people can change, priorities can clash. But blame ourselves we did anyway. We put ourselves through more than necessary when we should have known it was best to walk away. The ‘we’re not worthy’ complex we carry has played a big role in that. We were sure we could prove ourselves someone worth having and someone worth loving. I see that now, I hope you do too?

I am proud of the person we have become

There is always an ember of hope in you that never fades and is often the thing that burns you. But this ember carried us both through the lows and kept a tiny light in the dark times to see us through. It’s a double-edged sword because that hope is the cause, and the medicine, for the heartache’s we’ve shared. But without it, where would we be now?

When you love, heart of mine, you do it to your fullest and give it your all. You will always be free to feel whatever is within you, even if it isn’t always joyful. Because that is how we heal. You’ve never been one to hold back and are a force to be reckoned with. Fierce and unyielding, furious and chaotic, overwhelming and powerful. Your passion overrules most logic and reason, and you hold on tight for as long as you can. You have a mind of your own and no-one else can steer you when you are touched. Dive in headfirst, suffer the consequences later.

That is not a fault

Dear heart, look how far we’ve come. It has been many years and we’ve cried many tears but you continued to beat, even if only to sustain us. Sometimes you were weary and numb, scared and (so you thought) irreparable. But I always knew you were there somewhere, your gentle murmur was a comfort when I thought I’d feel you stop.

Thank you for recognising your other half when I may have missed the signs. Thank you for waking up and opening yourself to something new. You knew before I did where this path would lead, and I’m glad you are happy and nestled comfortably in my chest. We live a life void of fear or uncertainty and the whisper of doubt is never heard. We are whole again; perfectly refurbished and guided by an origami star.



  1. This post is so beautiful and sweet that I almost teared whiled reading. Your writing style is amazing!

  2. This is such a gorgeous and poignant post. Your words send ripples through my emotions and resonate deeply with my mind, and my heart. Beautiful.

    Thank you for this inspiration and reminder of the gratitude I have for the deep well of emotion and history within my own heart.

    Lauren //