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Annual Tarot ⋆ “The Year Ahead” Spread

I love Tarot – anything to do with Wicca, Paganism, The Occult, Magick and Spiritualism… I’m all over it. I’m just wired for the weird and wonderful and unexplained I guess!

I was very lucky as my now husband (still find that hard to come to terms with..) bought me a tarot deck I’d had my eye on for Christmas and I wanted to do an annual tarot reading on NYE as part of my January goals.

I did this in the form of a “Year Ahead Spread” which is ritually done by those who practice tarot on New Year’s Eve or on Birthdays (your birth month becomes month one and you continue on that way) to help give them guidance and insight into the next 12 months. A spread is generally laid out like so:

Credit: <a href="httpss://">The Wild Unknown</a>

It’s a very easy reading to follow and perform – you can shuffle your cards and lay them out one by one, or you can count and pull after a certain number or simply lay down the cards that seem to “jump” out of the deck when you focus on a certain month. There’s no right or wrong.. tarot is about feeling, so you pull as you feel it is right for you.

Many people like to read into what a card means when it is reversed, as there are two messages to each one. However, as I am still learning and familiarising myself with the Major and the Minor Arcana I felt it was best to read them for what they are, rather the meanings behind a reversed position. Once I am more comfortable that I know each card and their interpretations without assistance I’ll then teach myself what their reversed counterpart message is. This doesn’t mean that my reading if flawed; a lot of readers choose to only see them for their upright position and never explore the reversed. It’s all down to personal preference.

I’ve decided to share my reading with you so I can refer back to it each month and determine whether or not it was an accurate depiction by the cards. I used my Golden Thread tarot cards and spent a long time shuffling, cutting and feathering whilst I focused my intentions on the year ahead and asking for guidance on what is to come.

So here’s my reading and what I can expect from the year:

The Theme of the Year – Queen of Pentacles

Keywords: Practicality, Creature Comforts, Financial Security

A woman that is blessed with the gifts of sensual comforts and domestic talents. A motherly figure at times, she seeks to bring her loves ones joy through all things that are worldly – by cooking, cleaning and creating a wonderful home.

January – The Lovers

Keywords: Partnership, Union, Duality, Choice

A union of harmony, full of trust, confidence and strength. This relationship is that one represents both a physical attraction and a deep emotional bond between them. It can also represent the inner harmony between two aspects of one’s personality: anima and animus, yin and yang, and so forth.

February – III of Swords

Keywords: Heartbreak, Suffering, Grief

Suffering and heartbreak stemming from loneliness, rejection and betrayal. This card indicates a period of intense suffering. Moments like this are sometimes required in life in order to bring out the strength we never knew we had within us.

March – Knight of Pentacles 

Keywords: Efficiency, Hard Work, Routine

A man of utmost diligence – he knows what he wants and is relentless in his pursuit of it. He is a hard worker, completing his mission with complete and terrible efficiency. Although his path is long and hard, filled with tasks that might be repetitive and tiring, giving up is not an option.

April – VII of Wands

Keywords: Perseverance, Defensive, Maintaining Control

Even with success, the battle is never over. After achieving a victory and a higher position, one must also put up a defence against the many competitors that want to wrench away your laurels.

May – Knight of Swords

Keywords: Action, Speed, Ambition

The power of an idea to overwhelm is represented by the Knight of Swords. Filled with the vision of an idea, he is propelled forward with unbridled ambition. Though his energy is great, there is also a warning associated with being unconscious about consequences and obstacles.

June – Queens of Swords 

Keywords: Complexity, Perceptive, Clear Mindedness

A woman with immense complexity, sometimes considered cold-hearted, but also sharp of mind and wit, independent and possessing great powers of organisation and analysis.

July – The Chariot

Keywords: Direction, Control, Willpower

At times, success and victory is the result of pure willpower and self-control. To achieve and accomplish what you desire, you must take the reins and harness the chaotic forces that surround you.

August – VI of Pentacles

Keywords: Conservation, Security, Frugality

Vast wealth has been accumulated here, and as a result, you have become protective of what you have earned. Though some amount of conservatism is good for one’s feeling of stability, this card can also warn of stinginess and having a miserly attitude.

September – The Sun

Keywords: Joy, Success, Celebration, Positivity

Symbolises the success of the conscious mind in overcoming any obstacles or fears of the unconscious, usually through attainment of knowledge.

October – The Moon

Keywords: Unconscious, Illusions, Intuition

Night is the time when dreams and fantasies rule. The moon also represents instincts that we have buried in our own unconscious – they come out to play in the moonlight. But the reflections that we see springing forth can also be illusions, it is easy to lose your way in the dark.

November – V of Wands

Keywords: Competition, Conflict, Rivalry

A battle between rivals. There is a struggle from all sides for dominance. Although they may seem intimidating at first, there is also the impression that they pose no dire threat – possibly being more of a show of power than an actual intention to do true harm.

December – V of Swords 

Keywords: Unbridled Ambition, Win At All Costs, Sneakiness

Victory has been achieved, though it came with a subtle consequence. By taking from your opponents their ability to fight back in some form or fashion, you might have also created resentment. Your actions have isolated you from those who could be helpful later on.

The descriptions I’ve included are very general. If you look into each one there is a lot more to them and more detail can be found. From the initial interpretation, it sounds like I’m going to need a lot of willpower and determination for the next 12 months. Obviously, I’m seeing messages based on what is already going on in my life. February, for example, speaks to me because this is when things are going to get a little uprooted. Of course, I could completely wrong! Something else may crop up that’s completely unrelated but only time will tell!

Golden Thread Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot

Luminous Spirit Tarot

Above are some of my favourite decks for you to take a look at. They are all beautiful and I personally own 2 of the 3 shown. My personal favourite is The Wild Unknown cards. They come with a very detailed and helpful guidebook to teach you different spreads and what each card means. They also come in a really nice presentation box to keep them nice and safe! The Golden Thread cards come with a counterpart app that you can download to your phone. So you can look up the meanings and teach yourself about the cards.

I’m really excited to review each month as they pass by and see how accurate/inaccurate the reading was. January already seems to be on the money, but we’re not through yet! Let me know if you do your own readings or practice tarot. I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time ♡


  1. Tarot is such a fascinating topic! A good high-school friend of mine is a very gifted medium and has done two Tarot spreads for me. It’s such an amazing resource.

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