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April Goals

Hello! Welcome to another monthly goals post. March went by in a flash and we’re now into April. How is it the second quarter of the year already?!

Nothing majorly exciting to relay to you guys. It was my birthday.. that was about it besides getting the other half back 😅. But we’ll catch up on last month’s goals and see what happened!

 Sell Some Stuff on eBay 

I did that and made about £100 off of stuff I don’t use or wear anymore. It’s nice to clear things out and to make a little money from them is an added bonus. Hopefully the new owners like their “new” things. I haven’t had any negative feedback so I think we’re all good!

 Learn to Crochet 

My sister bought me some crochet kits for my birthday (cute!). Eager to get going I ripped open the boxes, turned to the front page in the instructions and it was like trying to read mandarin. Didn’t understand a word of it 😵.
I had no idea there were so many abbreviations and different stitches. So I’m saving up for a beginners kit (preferably for dummies!) so I can get my head around it and make some cute stuff!

 Bring Karne Home 

He’s back and he hasn’t gone back in yet. Yey! So fingers and toes are all crossed that everything is going in the right direction!
I went to go and see him 3 days before my birthday and checked in with the nurses to say I was visiting. They all looked really confused but I figured it was because I didn’t need to announce myself as there? Anyway, walked into his room and thought “hmm, he’s had a tidy..” but didn’t think much of it. When I sat down he didn’t move and I made a joke I thought he’d of been happier to see me. He then said I wasn’t staying so I was all “excuse me?”. Long story short he had been discharged and hadn’t told me so it would be a surprise. I was all crying and squealing with excitement and we practically bolted out of there as quick as possible. I didn’t care I’d driven an hour and been there less than 5 minutes, I was just so glad to get him home.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

 Reach Out to Brands 

Sure did! It was a little scary because you’re pitching to companies and I’m just this small, wannabe blogger whose basically asking for free stuff. But I had a really good response and got to review a couple of products like the Hallelujah Hair Oil. I’ve got another review coming up for Balm Balm too which is being drafted as we speak. I was added to the PR list for several brands which is very exciting; so overall it was a pretty successful endeavour.

 Increase Twitter Following 

My follower count is now 997. So I was 3 short of my 1000 follower target by the end of the month, darn! But I gained 66 new followers which is good going for me! I still have a love/hate relationship with this platform. I love flicking through it but hate posting.. as I still don’t have anything interesting to say. But regardless, I pretty much hit my goal and I’m happy with that achievement! Fancy taking me up to the 1000 mark? Follow me @laurahasablog.

I liked March, it was a good month for me. I had my birthday, I got my hubby back, nothing drastic happened. We’re all good.

I’m hoping the next few weeks will be more of the same so we can get a positive ball rolling. So my April goals will be positivity based to attract some good karma.

Pass my training

I’ve been assigned to a new client at work, so I’ll be starting a 4-week training program to get familiar with their systems and processes. I’m a bit nervous as I find I get anxious during these times because I always want to do well. So my goal is to relax a little more and take in the information as best I can. Putting myself under pressure won’t do me any favours and it’s nothing I haven’t done before. So I’m keeping it positive and assuring myself I will pass with flying colours.

Finish my blog

I have a habit of starting a book, reading it part way through and then starting another. So I end up with 3 on the go and take forever to finish them. My aim is to finish my “Mythos” book by Stephen Fry. It’s brilliant and I really am loving it! I’m a big history and mythology nerd so to learn about Greek mythology in a modern way is really cool. Plus each story is easy to read, funny and interesting. Those Greek Gods were brutal!

Be more positive

Despite a lot of things, I’m pretty positive anyway. But I was going through some of my older posts and always found my overview of the month to be a bit.. depressing. So rather than focus on the bad I will try to focus on the good. I remember the negative too much and need to learn to forget that stuff and move past it.  As I say I’m pretty good at that anyway – but I want to try and be a bit more conscious of this in April.

finish blog audit

I finally got around to adding YOAST to my blog to improve my SEO. No idea why I hadn’t done this before because it’s such a useful tool! It was one of those things where I was like.. yeah I’ll do that later. Then forget.
It’s really interesting to see what it picks up in your writing style! Mine is very passive so I’ve been working on that. Basically, I’m having to go through everything I’ve ever written over the last 3yrs and fix that crap. It is taking me forever. Honestly, I had an entire week off last week and spent a few hours a day working on them with little progress. I still have 2 pages of posts to correct. But it’ll be worth it in the end! So the goal is to get that done by the end of the April 👍

So that’s it from me for this month’s goals! I haven’t got the usual 5 because I can’t think of another. Oh well 🤷

But anyway, I hope you all have a great few weeks for April and would love to hear your achievements and targets you’ve set for yourselves too!

Until next time! ♡