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August Goals

We are absolutely steaming through this year. It’s already the middle of August and time seems to have no plans to slow down. I still feel like I’m in a bit of a tailspin and can’t point out my head from my arse.  Does anyone else feel like this, or is it just me? But on the bright side, we’re moving into my favourite season. Autumn! I can’t wait till I can smash out the leggings and jumpers, cosy cardigans and boots. Not that I don’t enjoy the sun, but I’m a scarf, hoodie, jeans kinda gal. So I am yearning for it to come around!

Anyway, with a new month comes a new set of goals and the opportunity to mentally reset. My July was quite mundane, besides the new car. I can’t think of anything else that is worth a mention. But I will say that I finally hit my 2000 follows on my Twitter and I somehow have nearly 4500 on Instagram. At 5000 you’re officially classed as an “influencer” right? Not sure if I’m ready for those kinds of responsibilities yet, ha.

The things on my tick list for August are as follows:

1. Stay off Facebook

I’ve come to realise that one of my worst triggers is Facebook. I absolutely f*cking hate and now understand why my best friend removed herself from it. Each and every time I go on there, I see something that tugs at a nerve or bothers me for completely irrational and unjustifiable reasons. It’s like I’m still the 12yr old at school who feels left out because no one picked her in PE. It’s childish and it’s got me in a funk I can’t get out of. So I’m avoiding it for social purposes and will only be using it for my blog groups. I’ll be interested to see how it impacts my MH while I’m on the hiatus.

2. Declutter My Wardrobe

The other half was putting the clothes away the other day and scolded me for how many clothes I have. He was teasing obviously, but the fact he can’t close one of my draws because I have so many damn t-shirts is ridiculous. So I’m gonna go through it all and try to follow the 6-month rule. If I can’t remember wearing it in that time frame, it’s getting donated. No exceptions.

3. Go For More Walks

Now the weather is cooling down again I want to make more of an effort to get out and walk. I know my pooch will appreciate this too. She’s very active anyway so doesn’t really need walking every day as she tires herself out from charging around the garden and playing with Karne. But I live a very sedentary life and I think it will help with my MH too. I always feel better after a walk, whether it’s the exercise itself or the fresh air… I don’t know. But either way, I always feel happier when I get back and that’s always a good thing.

4. Discover New Music

I find this harder and harder to do. New “music” consists of SoundCloud and mumble rappers or some bird whose auto-tuned to f*ck with some really bad tune on repeat on the track. I literally slam the off button on my car radio these days, because I can’t stand it. Rarely will I hear a tune and go “ohh” and listen. It all sounds the same and I’m not down for conveyor belt artists. If you have any banks or artists you think I should give a listen to, please let me know in the comments.

5. Organise My Spare Room

Urgh, this room just gets under my skin. No one else goes in there but me, so the sorry state that it is in is completely on me. I just chuck everything on the bed and leave it there. But you know when you walk into a room and it just gives you this feeling of “nope”, that’s what I get when I’m in the spare bedroom. It just seems too daunting to clean it up even though the chances are it would take me no more than 30 minutes. So that’s definitely on the agenda.

Until next time ♡


  1. I always love these kinds of posts. They make me all excited to go and get shit done 🙂 It did make me laugh that your first goal is to stay away from Facebook since that’s where I found the link to your blog xd

  2. Congratulations on increasing your social influence on Twitter and IG! It’s hard to move the needle up in those platforms, but you did it!