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Bali Balm Review ⋆ #KissThePlanet

Gosh, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a review. But when this popped up in my inbox I got excited. It was a new cruelty-free brand, so of course, I was on board to review one of their products when Bali Balm contacted me. Their #kisstheplant ethos had me hooked. Line and sinker.

Who Are They?

Bali Balm are a luxury vegan lip balm brand, suited for both men and women. What I love about this product and the brand as a whole, is the efforts they go to to make sure everything they use (and do) is natural, sustainable, recyclable and cruelty-free. From the packaging to the ingredients, to the production. Every aspect is executed to ensure that their pledge to the planet and the animals are met. No expense is spared, no corners are cut. It’s evident in what they’ve produced. They even send you a stamped addressed envelope with every purchase so that when you’re done, you can send the tube back for them to recycle and use again.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such clear and definitive choices from a luxury brand before and it’s comforting to know that there are forces for good in the beauty industry. That money and sales are not the driving force behind what they’re doing *cough* NARS *cough*.

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Back To The Review

They kindly sent me their bergamot and grapefruit lip balm and it came in the most amazing packaging! A stark white and red expensive feeling box, and the balm inside was wrapped in delicate tissue paper. I think it’s the smartest packaging I’ve ever seen for a lip balm product (God, I sound like my Dad! haha).

The balm itself smells amazing and I found very little goes a long way. It melts into the lips and instantly makes them feel hydrated and supple, without any waxy or greasy residue. I’ve been trialling this for a few weeks now because I like to get a real feel for something before I give my honest opinion, and I found the staying power quite impressive. Some balms kind of “evaporate”, if you will. They’re gone as quickly as you’ve put it on and can sometimes feel like your lips feel drier than they were before. But this I could tell was there, like a shield against the elements for your lips, for a few hours afterwards.

And let me tell you, when you use a lip scrub before this and leave it on for a while before putting on your lipstick, matte or glossy, the application is like swiping paint across glass. The result is as close to a flawless lip as you can get. In my opinion.

My Thoughts

Bali Balm is not cheap, I won’t lie. £20 for a lip balm does feel unnaturally expensive… BUT knowing where that money goes and the causes that it benefits make it worth every last penny. It’s a great product and will be securing a permanent place in my bag when the winter months arrive. My lips get very dry and this will be my weapon of choice to combat that, hands down. No contest.

Please do go and check them out – they’re an amazing company with a passion for doing right by the people who help produce this, the planet and the animals alike. You can get yours [ HERE ]

Until next time ♡

☆ This was brought to you in collaboration with Bali Balm, but all opinions remain my entirely own ☆


  1. Woo for cruelty-free! I love that more brand are starting out cruelty-free, or are changing their testing policies. I tend to forget about lip care which is so bad! I’m one of those people who just wait until their lips are feeling slightly dry to actually do anything about it. With a £20 price tag though, I think I’d never forget to use these. It may seem a lot, but there are some products which will last a lot let but we are willing to spend more. Just checked out the website, and I think cinnamon and burnt orange would be my choice. They all sound pretty good though.

    Aycan //

  2. This sounds absolutely gorgeous! Bergamot and grapefruit sounds like such a perfect combination and the way you’ve described the product honestly just sounds like a dream. How cute is the packaging, too!? It’s so flashy!! I really adore the concept behind the company and how you can send it back for them to recycle it, that really is a place that cares about the environment. I really hope they do well in their venture as the world needs more companies like this!
    Alice Xx