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Bargain Bedding ⋆ George at ASDA

I decided, as I’m a bedding bargain junkie, to have a little mooch around the George ASDA site and see if I could snag myself any sales steals. Fortunately, I did! Now, like a lot of people, I love all things woodland related.  I’m obsessed with British wildlife and have paid homage to the owl by having a large one tattooed on my ribs. It’s a pretty prominent love of mine and anyone I know will tell you.  So when I found this beauty, I did a little squeal and got very excited.

It’s called the “Enchanted Heart” set and features a woodland scene with lots of lovely little creatures in it, such as squirrels, owls, badgers, rabbits etc. As orange is the accent colour here, I figured it would work perfectly in my main bedroom as our accent wall is a burnt orange. So I’m really excited to get this and think it’s going to look pretty good.

Enchanted Heart Duvet
I then cast my mind to the spare bedroom.  My dog loves to dig at the duvet and try to bury herself in it, so it can get a lot of paw prints on it and I don’t really have any bedding as a spare for that room. So I wanted to find something that would incorporate the blues, creams and silvers we have in there.

ASDA mermaid duvet
Pow! Along comes this beautiful mermaid duvet set. So another one of my “things” if you will, is mermaids. Yes, yes, so is everyone else apparently; but I’ve loved them (and the sea) and dreamed of them since before I can remember.  Now given what I’d already mentioned the colour scheme in that room, I was super excited.
I don’t think I’ll have it mermaid face up, I much prefer the scallop print on the underside and think it’s a much more neutral option. But I think it’s really pretty, so to get this for £11 was a real bonus.

ASDA may be inexpensive, but I find that their bedding range at GEORGE is really good quality, washes well and never fades.  I very rarely get mine from anywhere else!

Have you found any great bargains during the January sales?  Let me know!

Until next time ♡