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Barry M Matte Me Up Metallics

Metallic liquid lipsticks have been all over Instagram lately. I’ve been curious because I’m a complete magpie and if it’s shiny then I’m going want it. I love matte liquid lipsticks, but I refuse to pay £20 for them. Fortunately, Barry M have released their own version and I was excited to give it a try!

They’re affordable, cruelty-free and pretty good quality for a budget brand so I’m a pretty big fan of theirs.The lip kits actually come in five shades, but I can only ever seem to find three of them in the shops – Allure, 24 Carat and Prestige. The other two – Couture and Avant Garde I have a feeling maybe online specials but I’ll keep looking.

The kits are £7.99 which aren’t too bad considering your get yourself the matte liquid lipsticks and a matching lip liner. Karne nearly had a damn heart attack because he thought this was steep, so I better not tell him how much I’ve spent on makeup in the last year!
That said, I didn’t wanna go blowing more than I needed to on something I may not like so I decided to pick one for the time being. I’ve got my cousins wedding coming up on Saturday and I figured out of the three that were available, ‘Prestige’ would go really nicely with what I’m wearing on the day.

I was really impressed with the lip liner. It was smooth and easy to work with, and the colour was pretty. If I was feeling lazy but wanted to be a little bit fancy then I’d just wear this on its own.

The liquid paint itself doesn’t have the same consistency as a “regular” one. It seems pretty watery to me, but I guess that’s just how it has to be to get the metallic sheen? However! the pigmentation is awesome and it applies really nicely. Just be sure to do the usual lip scrub/moisturiser of your lips before you put it on to get a super smooth finish.

Less is more with the lip paint too. It’s better to apply a little and build it up to your desired shade/opacity. The nice thing about it is that doesn’t end up cakey at all; so if you want to go a little more subtle or balls out it’s really up to you.

It dries quickly but with enough time to fix it if you make a mistake and has a really pretty shimmery matte finish. I wore this for a full day to test out the staying power and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty kiss, food and drink proof and I literally forgot I was wearing it, didn’t need to touch it up once. But with it being ‘non-cakey’, even if you did need a touch up you won’t have that gross flaky/crumbly problem.

Overall, this gets a 9/10 from me. I will definitely be getting more colours when my bank account isn’t in such a sorry state (damn wedding planning) and really recommend it if you’re looking for a wearable colour with a twist.

Have you tried these out yet? I love them but let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. I really want to try these out as I’ve been wanting to check out more metallic liquid lipsticks – great post!

  2. First off, I didn’t know Barry M was still around! Always loved their eyeshadows! These sound fab, must give them a go!