Top 3 Best Vegan Makeup Brushes ⋆ By Alizabeth Swain

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If you’re just getting into makeup you’ve probably found that finding affordable makeup products for your new hobby isn’t the easiest thing to do! But, if you’re also looking for makeup products that are affordable AND vegan, you’ve found yourself a whole uphill battle. Sadly not a lot of affordable makeup brands offer vegan options. The brands that do offer cruelty-free and vegan options are much more expensive and aren’t really attainable for beginning makeup enthusiasts.

So how do you ensure that you’re buying brushes that aren’t hurting animals? By buying brushes that are cruelty-free and/or vegan. Buying brushes that are cruelty-free guarantees that these brushes haven’t been tested on animals. The only way that you can ensure that you’re buying cruelty-free makeup brushes is buying brushes with synthetic.

Little Pearl Cosmetics Rose Gold Glitter Brush Set– $15 (£11.03)

Rose gold is one of my favourite colours! It’s so elegant and glamorous. These makeup brushes are also 100% vegan AND cruelty-free! Little Pearl Cosmetics has been certified by PETA to be vegan and cruelty-free. This rose gold glitter brush set is only $15.

EcoTools Six Piece Starter Set– $10 (£7.35)

For $10 you can purchase yourself a combination of eye and face brushes from EcoTools. The bristles on these makeup brushes are synthetic fibres, the handles are bamboo and the glue is derived from vegan approved products!

Morphe Set 680 10 Piece Brush Set– $18 (£13.25)

Morphe was a brand made famous by Jaclyn Hill. Recently Morphe has been working on creating vegan-friendly options for their makeup brushes. This set of makeup brushes is one of several options in terms of makeup brushes and shows a selection of face and eye brushes!

Sadly, there aren’t many affordable vegan brush options in the market for makeup. Which is why this list is so short! However, the three options we have listed here are outstanding brush options that are affordable and animal-friendly, which is a win-win situation!

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Hi there! My name is Alizabeth Swain and I’m a beauty and fashion blogger over at I’m an internationally certified beauty and SFX makeup artist and you can check out some of my looks on my Instagram.


  1. 22nd September 2017 / 8:17 pm

    This is great because I need new brushes and I have been vegan for 18 years. I have bought Eco tools in the past. Maybe I’ll get them again.

    • L △ U R △
      23rd September 2017 / 7:58 am

      18yrs, wow that’s amazing! Good for you! I’m still trying to work it out so I like to class myself as a vegetarian with vegan intentions.
      I have tonnes of EcoTools brushes. Their kabuki’s are my favourite for sure!

  2. 23rd September 2017 / 12:41 am

    Those glitter brushes are so pretty! I have a serious problem buying makeup brushes, I have so many different sets!

    • L △ U R △
      23rd September 2017 / 7:59 am

      I posted a picture on my instagram the other day showing how many I had.. it was brush cleaning day and a bit of a mammoth task with the amount I have haha. I think I have a problem myself!

  3. 23rd September 2017 / 4:13 am

    The Little Pearl Cosmetics Rose Gold Glitter Brush Set is GORGEOUS! And such a great price. I have used the ecobrushes before and loved them. 🙂