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Birthday Gift Ideas to Highlight the Best in Your Aquarius Friend

Harry Styles, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and even famous astronomer Galileo Galilei all have one thing in common: they share the zodiac sign Aquarius.

As an air sign, Aquarius people, born between January 20 and February 18, value independence, are highly adaptable to any environment, and are often unpredictable. If you have an Aquarius friend, congratulations! They usually have massive walls up all the time, so it takes a strong-willed, patient person to earn their trust and be allowed into their inner circle.

With their often unpredictable personality traits, it can be challenging to give gifts to Aquarius people. And with their birthdays coming up, now is the perfect time to start looking for a meaningful present for them. So what do you give a highly-intellectual, thoughtful, and adventurous person? We have a few ideas below.

1. Brain Teasers For Their Razor-Sharp Mind

As mentioned earlier, Aquarians are intellectuals. They like to solve problems, which makes them a good leader. This also means that they like to keep their minds sharp, so anything that’s puzzling or mysterious is irresistible for them.

Help them highlight their intellect with brain teasers and puzzles. From something as simple as a Rubik’s cube to puzzles like Shipper’s Dilemma and Hanayama Coaster, you’ll give your Aquarius friend an endless amount of fun solving these while sharpening their brains.

2. A witty Statement Shirt

If you’re friends with an Aquarius person, you already know they are especially clever. They love a good comeback and always have something sarcastic to say. So, a shirt with something ironic, clever, or sarcastic on it will definitely be appreciated.

They’ll wear a shirt with an image of Santa Claus saying “I Don’t Believe in You Either” all year ’round. A shirt with “Take a Hike Camelback” from a souvenir shop in Phoenix, Arizona reflects their kind of humour. These shirts are available online and your choices are endless.

3. Wanderlust-Themed Items

Aquarians’ love for freedom and adventure inspires wanderlust in them. Show them you support their travel-loving selves by giving them items they can use to document their trips.

A travel scratch map, for example, is a fun and unique way for them to show off the places they’ve been to. If they’re the type to stay fashionable during their travels, with Instagram-worthy OOTDs in every country they visit, why not give them a necklace with a compass pendant? A personalised travel journal is also perfect for documenting their jet-setting lifestyle.

4. A Kindle For Their Curiosity

An Aquarius mind never rests. They’re always eager to discover new information and books provide a wealth of that. Since they’re always on-the-go, Aquarius people can’t always carry a tome. So, a Kindle device is a perfect gift for your book devourer of a friend. Small, light, and compact, Kindle devices are highly portable and give users access to not just their Amazon Kindle orders, but also library books for borrowing.

There you have four unique gift ideas for the Aquarius in your life who’ll be celebrating their birthday soon. Now you can surprise them with these thoughtful items that fit their personality, securing you a friend for life.

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