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Biscuits Are The New Flowers

This is just a short and sweet post (excuse the pun), but I had to share it with you!

The lovely Biscuiteers got in touch and wanted to cheer me up with one of their gift products, so I chose their Luxe Fruit Basket tin and waited patiently for the postman to bring me some sweet treats. There’s something different about receiving a box of biscuits as a gift. I didn’t really know what to expect – would they be all smashed? Would they be stale when they arrived? How could biscuits be presents? I really wasn’t sure.

I did a little happy dance when they arrived and when I opened the box there was a beautiful, hand-illustrated tin covered in bright and bold colours. Instantly I started thinking about what I could store in it when I was finished. It was far too pretty to recycle! But inside the gorgeous and sturdy packaging was 16 beautiful, hand-iced vanilla biscuits in all the shapes of your favourite fruits. Orange slices, apple, lemon, watermelon, pomegranate. You name it, they’d iced it. I couldn’t wait to try them.

I won’t lie to you, they didn’t even last the day. They got absolutely demolished. They were so good and genuinely some of the best biscuits I’d ever had. The icing on the top reminded me of biting into a party ring and they certainly put a smile on my face! I can just imagine they’d make the perfect gift for anyone, especially when they do so many themed tins. They have everything from ‘back to school’, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, baby showers, new home – literally every occasion is catered for. They even have an adorable Beatrice Potter tin, which I have to say is probably my favourite!

So actually, yes, biscuits CAN be presents. And really unique one for that matter. Perfect for the person who already has absolutely everything and guaranteed to put a smile on their face. They sure did for me, thank you Biscuiteers for treating me.

Until next time ♡


  1. Omg these look absolutely amazing!! I remember recieving gingerbread biscuits as presents and they were THE BEST! They most definitely can be presents ahah!! I really really want to try these now, they are making me so hungry!! xx

  2. I have never seen such beautiful biscuits! I wouldn’t know if I should eat them or display them. I have started to buy more boxed biscuits instead of chocolates as gifts, as I think it’s something a little bit different. These make the perfect gift!

    Aycan //

  3. I am an absolute FIEND when it comes to biscuits so I definitely would’ve demolished these, too! Look at that icing detail!? Like oh my gosh they’re just fabulous! The fact they come in a hand illustrated tin is so adorable too! I’m for sure heading straight on over to their site to look at their halloween ones as they sound right up my street! WHAT a collaboration opportunity, it’d be such a dream to be sent food in the post, haha!
    Alice Xx