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Have You Been to Coconut Lane?

Image credit: Coconut Lane Instagram is a pretty great way to come across home and fashion inspo; and usually leads you towards fun new brands, online boutiques and stores and niche little websites.  And I found one I think you're all gonna love.. so take my hand and let's take a stroll down ... READ the POST

The Vegan Kind ⋆ Beauty Box

Welcome to another edition of The Vegan Kind beauty box! This quarter there's a little bit of everything, from nail polish remover to B12 infused drinking water. Don't confuse the two or you'll end up pretty unwell. WHAT'S IN THE BOX? PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Black Mascara (RRP ... READ the POST

PampaHamper ⋆ Bath Time Subscription Box

My PampaHamper box arrived on my doorstep today, yippee!  I get so excited when this arrives, usually because I've forgotten about it and it's a nice surprise to get a box full of bath goodies at the end of the month. Everything in this boxes is hand and homemade, vegan and cruelty-free and you get ... READ the POST

Pursuit of Perfection

Image Credit: Unknown I'm a victim of social media enslavement and media mind control, I will raise my hands to that and admit that it influences me BIG TIME; but something that's been going around online recently has really bothered me. Now I'm not her biggest fan and her constant media presence ... READ the POST

The PIP Box – April

I've been waiting a long time to come across a monthly cruelty-free beauty box that doesn't ship from the USA or cost the Earth and was really happy when I finally found one!  It's called the PIP box as it's named after the founder's doggy, Pippa.  Her love for her dog made her rethink the products ... READ the POST

Life Update

I've been getting asked again lately how Karne's getting on and I've asked him if I can share an update everyone since he's gone a little quiet on the ol' social media.  He was supposed to make a video to upload but he's a lazy ass and hasn't gotten around to it.  Sorry in advance if this is an ... READ the POST