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Image credit: Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images for NARS

NARS is a powerhouse in the makeup industry and had a huge following because of their policy on Animal Testing. A lot of people bought from them solely because of this principle, myself included! And there has been a massive social media backlash after a recent announcement that NARS have extended their sales to China. This is bad news because animal testing is compulsory in order to sell in this country. And where they may not do the testing themselves, they will most certainly have a third party do it for them.

Sadly, NARS have tried to justify their choice by saying they are extending their vision of “beauty and artistry to fans in the region” and released a statement on Instagram about it. This is utter bollocks and hasn’t convinced anyone.
What has happened here is that they have chosen money over principals. Sales over animal rights. Greed over ethics. Even worse is that they expected everyone to roll over and accept it with a nod and an “oh ok, fair enough” attitude.

Their statement is so hypocritical it is laughable…

“NARS does not test on animals or ask others to do so on our behalf, except where required by law.” So you do then… basically, you do and you’re trying to get people on board with it.

But the response on social media has been really really inspiring. Within minutes there was the #boycottnars trending on twitter, their Instagram was inundated with public outcry and even shaming from other companies.


I’m pretty confident that they’ll see a decline in their sales and their following will shrink. Maybe not by much, but by enough that it will wake other brands up to the fact that PEOPLE DON’T LIKE IT.

So sadly NARS have joined the group of companies who release ambiguous disclaimers to try and satiate and confuse people into buying their products. They’re all identical and pretty much look exactly like the NARS Instagram statement. Maybelline, MAC, Rimmel, L’Oréal, Benefit, Revlon, Max Factor, Bobbi Brown (here’s a list for people to avoid on this issue) all test on animals in countries where they are required to by law.

It can get confusing because parent companies like L’Oréal have the same policies, but that doesn’t mean that the brands owned by them agree. For example, NYX and Urban Decay are both owned by L’Oréal but REFUSE to sell in countries that require animal testing. So you just need to do a little bit of homework, but I saved you the trouble by putting together a list of bunny friendly brands [ click here ].

I’m curious to know other peoples opinion on this and if they feel as strongly as I do! So feel free to let me know in the comments section!


  1. It’s disgusting! ‘We feel it’s important to bring our vision of beauty to the region’ oh yeah, right, like they give a shit about the customers over there except their money.

    If companies give into the money and sell in China, then they’ll never have a reason to change their laws on animal testing. Cosmetic companies should make a stand by refusing to sell there until they change the laws and maybe China will start to listen.

    I think what angers me the most is Nars made a big deal about being cruelty free and created loyal fans but have just turned around on that. Like ‘actually jk we don’t care, we just want the money lol’.

    • I’m glad you agree!

      “We hear you, we just don’t care” is what I get from that statement.
      It’s such a shame, because as you say they built up such a following and put so much emphasis on the fact they were cruelty free and they’ve just done a complete U-turn. x

  2. Interesting perspective that gives you a lot to think about! I personally don’t use Nars products, but I didn’t know about this…Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hate when companies have disclaimers lile that because they do test on animals… It’s just beating around the Bush to say the least. I’m so saddened they caved and went to China… it feels like money grabbing in a way.

    Jordanne ||

    • Me too.. especially when they’re trying to appear as though they don’t, when in reality they do if they sell in China. Whether it’s directly or indirectly – they’re still condoning it!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. I think the whole Chinese cosmetics market is just a world of “what???” I seriously considered going 100% cruelty free for a while, but there are so many grey areas (at least the way I see it) that I got too overwhelmed. However, I will say that I’m glad people are standing up for something they believe in. We have the technology now to avoid inhumane business practices and I think that companies should just get with the program. Great post! <3

  5. It’s hard to believe that some of beauty products brands test their production on animals that’s very awful .