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There will be the use of the ‘C’ word in this post, so please brace yourselves. Yup, that one. Christmas. Wow, I just felt all of the scrooges amongst us shudder at the thought! But there’s no escaping it, it’s coming and fast.
Typically, October is the time where people start planning, organising, buying presents and ultimately getting excited! I’m never normally one of those people – but this year it’s different. Not sure why but I’m just buzzing for it!

But nothing beats Chrismas as a kid right?

Everyone has their own set of traditions and rituals. Some are very traditional and others are just plain weird, we didn’t have anything strange but my family is no exception. So I’ve been trying to wrack my brain for a few and share some of ours with you.

Every year we would always have an advent calendar, I’d try my best not to eat all of them but I had very poor self-control as a child. So I’d open it up from the bottom and eat all the chocs, slip it back in and parents were none the wiser! I still have one now without fail, whether it’s chocolate or one of the amazing beauty advent calendars that come out each year. You’re never too old for a Christmas countdown!

Laura Has a Blog

On Christmas Eve we would always have carrots for the reindeer on the doorstep, cookies/mince pies and a small glass of Sherry for Santa on the fireplace mantle. I didn’t realise until I was much older that milk was what everyone else would put out for Ol’ Saint Nick. We wanted to keep him warm for his long journey, but in hindsight maybe my parents needed some liquid courage to get through the next manic few days! I remember always having a stocking at the end of our beds and when we woke up it was filled with sweeties and the infamous Christmas orange. It was always wonderful to think Santa had been in our room! Occasionally we’d also find snowy footprints trailing from the fireplace and I remember how excited me and my brother would always get when they were there.

Did anyone else leave Sherry for Santa, or was it just us?

Another thing I always loved about Christmas was that every year, as far back as I can remember, we would always put the tree up together. It was often my Mum, me, my elder sister and my little brother. We’d have all the decorations down from the loft and would slam everything on it in an excitable frenzy. A pure festive mess of tinsel, that shiny stringy stuff, glittery ornaments and twinkly lights I’m pretty sure my Mum would wait for us to go back to our rooms or do something else before rearranging it because we never had an ugly tree haha.

Laura Has a Blog

But my favourite part about this tradition was the UGLY angel/doll we would put on the top of the tree. That thing was hideous, but we loved it all the same. We would take it in turns each year as to who would put her on the tree, and when we were really small my Mum or Dad would lift us up to reach the top. There were many arguments as to who would get the honour that year because we’d all want to do it and we’d always forget who got to do it last.

As I’ve got older we’ve adjusted the things we do to move with the times

There’s so many of us now with the arrival of nieces and nephews, that we have a new tradition amongst the adults where we all do Secret Santa. We set a spending limit, pick a name and we buy for that person. The kids are excluded, of course, they all get presents regardless (lucky!). It’s been really fun to do each year but we usually pull the names way too early and forget who we have. Plus it never stays secret for long as we end up trading or telling each other – but it still works!

Now we all get together on Christmas Eve. Since many of us have families of our own, Christmas can get a bit hectic. So we come together on this day to share gifts, eat snacks, watch Christmas movies, play games and have a good time. That way the Mums and Dad’s in the family can spend Christmas Day with their kids and have their own dinners together without freaking out about where they’re going this year. It works well for us and it’s a tradition I’ve really grown to love. Christmas Eve has become my favourite day of the year.

Does your family have any traditions? Weird, wonderful or otherwise? I’d love to hear and perhaps adopt some!

Until next time ♡

☆ This post was in collaboration with Debenhams ☆

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