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Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and it’s imminent arrival has been marked by all the Christmas ads, shops are dressed for the season and the Coca-Cola truck is on it’s way to pay my little town a visit! I always struggle to decide what I’d like for Christmas. So I decided to put together a wishlist of things I’ve seen or would like – maybe you’ll even decide you like some of it too and add it to your wishlist!

Hatching Unicorn Candle

Firebox have this freaking adorable candle on their site and as soon as I saw it I was like.. I need that in my life. In case you’re upset about the fact they indicate unicorns lay eggs they set you straight and remind you that they are are not a horse and that you are foolish.
Anyways –  I love candles and I love unicorns, I loved them before it was cool to love them. But that’s fine.. because the “trend” means there is a butt load of unicorn sh*t for me to buy and pine after. So I’m okay with it.

The Unicorn Cookbook

Everything from brownies, to pancakes, to smoothies have been given a rainbow unicorn twist in the cute little cookbook. I’ve always said I like my food colourful so why not go all out aye?

Luminesk Chain Bag

This is just cool. In some lights it looks like a geometric print black/grey bag and then in others.. BOOM.. it’s this holographic luminous piece of art. It changes hue from charcoal, to vibrant greens, purples and blues depending on how bright the light it.

Lush Experimenter Gift Box

“The Experimenter” is my favourite Lush Bath Bomb of all time so when I realised they have a box dedicated to it I got a bit excited. Just check the description for it FFS – what is not to love and lust over?!

“Turn your bathtub into a silver screen filled with thrills, chills, adventure and romance. You can be enchanted with fairytale dreams of neroli, delve deep into the undergrowth of a pagan forest, catch a ride on a passing star or fly with dragons on a cloud of glitter. Forget the magic carpet, all you need is your bathtub to be transported to far away places.”

Chip Tea Cup

More of stocking filler I guess? But he sold out everywhere and I couldn’t get one. I haven’t been able to find him in shops since and he’s available online in some places. Look how cute he is!
I like having random mugs in the cupboard. I’m running out of room for my ridiculous magnet collection.. so mugs may be my new collectors item.

Gold Thread Tarot Deck

I mentioned in my December Goals I’ve found myself drawn to Tarot and other similar practices for quite some time now. And yes, some may think it’s a load of rubbish and may mock or judge but i really don’t care. I’d love this deck in my armoury.. look how pretty it is!

Eden Perfume Gift Box

I came across this company in one of my subscription boxes, I forget which one now, but they’re amazing and I’m obsessed! They’re completely vegan and non-animal tested and they recreate vegan/cruelty-free versions of almost every single major perfume there is. When I went cruelty-free I was a little sad because I knew the perfumes I loved so much were all tested and had to be forfeited and I’ve never really found anything else to replace them. But with Eden Perfumes, all you have to do is type in the name of your favourite designer fragrance or your favourite scent into the search bar on their site and they show you a vegan alternative. How great is that?!
The sample I had from them was their version of Marc Jacobs Daisy, which is my sisters favourite. So I tested it and asked her what she thought I was wearing and she guessed it was Daisy! I was so happy because I knew then it’d found my perfume holy grail.

Polaroid Instant Camera

Always wanted one of these. Chances are I would never use it, but who cards? I got a time hop thing on my Facebook the other day where I was pining after one back in 2009 and I’ve still never owned it. This is the new OneStep 2 i-Type Camera which blends digital and instant photography together for the first time. I think it’s available for pre-order.. so maybe I’ll get one for my birthday if I’m lucky? *hint hint*

Next Cosy Woodland Pyjamas

Who doesn’t love getting pj’s for Christmas? And these are so cute! Most of my favourite animals are woodland creatures and these look so comfy. I can just imagine wearing them curled up on the soft with a blanket and a hot chocolate in my hand!

Lavender and Rose Gold Fitbit Charge 2

I have a Sony Smartband at the moment, which has had to be laid to rest because I dropped it in the bath and I wasn’t able to resuscitate it. The fitbit and smart watch things might be a little gimmicky, but when I had my Smartband I really did find myself putting in the extra time and effort to achieve my “goals” for the day and always found a sense of achievement when I had. Plus,this is super pretty as it combines two of my favourite things.. purple and rose gold!

I think that’s where I’m going the end this post here because I keep stumbling across things, especially on Firebox, and it could literally go on and on and on.
What are you hoping to get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. That unicorn candle is everything! I love reading about gifts to get people (and little cheeky gifts for myself obviously) it’s awesome 😁❄️🎅🏼