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Fashion Rules You Should Break Immediately ⋆ By Amy Mia Goldsmith

♡ Author Bio ♡

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie blogger in love with fashion, beauty, and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all the things she loves and enjoys. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

☆ Guest Post ☆

Fashion should, above all, be fun. We wear it because we want to look good, because we want to lose ourselves in the colours and the soft fabrics, because we enjoy how creative and beautiful it can get. The moment fashion stops being fun and starts feeling like a chore means you’re taking the wrong approach. Here’s the thing: rules are there as a form of guidelines. Fashion rules are actually the best when you decide to play around with them when you decide to break them and use your own sense of style to create good outfits and start new trends. For that sake, and because we want to help you enjoy your own creativity, we offer a few seemingly strict fashion rules that you can bend, break, and remake to your heart’s content.

You Can Only Wear Heels With Skirts & Dresses

Heels aren’t the most comfortable shoes during the best of times, and to require women to wear them every single day despite the damage it does to their musculature is just silly. Wear them whenever you want to wear them and feel free to break this rule as much as you like. Have you seen how cool and edgy chucks look when paired with a skater dress? Have you seen how cute it is to pair flats and miniskirts? Not to mention the hot sex appeal of flat over-the-knee boots paired with bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, or pretty much anything else. You can absolutely be dressed work-appropriate without heels, and you can absolutely look sexy without them as well.

You Must Always Use The Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is helpful, but don’t limit yourself to only ever wearing complementary or analogous colours. Pairing stuff green and blue can actually look absolutely stunning, and there are so many shades out there that sticking to just a few “approved” combos is really, really boring. Look at fashion magazines and you’ll see that pretty much every major photo shoot and every major designer breaks this rule quite frequently.

Never Wear Horizontal Stripes

The rule comes from the belief that horizontal stripes will make you look wider than you are, but actually, this isn’t always the case. We’ll go so far to say that horizontal stripes can sometimes be downright slimming if you pick the right pattern. Thin, black lines seem to do the trick, so feel free to enjoy your little sailor frock and rock some horizontal stripes.

Never Mix Your Metals

If you’ve got a gold bracelet, then the rest of your jewellery must also be gold otherwise you’ll look tacky, right? Not quite! The tackiness won’t come from the different types of metal, but from the number of pieces, you’re wearing. Keep it minimal, and you’re fine.

Never Go Crazy With Your Prints & Patterns

Oh, but “crazy” patterns are the best! They’re fun, laid-back, and look so effortlessly chic and cool that you absolutely should indulge and get yourself a nice new dress with a colourful print. The best thing about popular ladies’ fashion is how it’s always pushing boundaries. Patterns are one of the easiest ways to show off the bright, bubbly personality of a woman who is passionate about clothing and knows she can have both fun and style in her outfit.

Match Your Shoes to Your Belt

How the hell do you match your hot pink heels to your belt? Shoes used to be a lot more uniform than they are today, but now you’ve got so many crazy, fun colours that this rule is really not necessary. Your pink shoes and your sleek black belt look quite stylish together, don’t worry.

Never Wear One Shade All Over

Look, it’s called colour-blocking and it’s a legit trend that’s currently overtaking the runways. If you do it right, it looks like high-fashion, it looks almost editorial and it’s definitely a way to get noticed.

Fashion rules have their time and place and can be quite useful, but they were kind of made to be broken. Enjoy your fashion the way you like, and we hope we’ve inspired some rebellious style choices and fun in your future outfits.


  1. I totally agree. All those rules take the fun out of fashion when it should really be a personal thing. loved this post 🙂