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Congratulations everyone – you survived January and the “blues” that come along with it. I hope you all had a good one?

I actually had a pretty good month overall. Our wedding photographer surprised us with the most beautiful wedding video that had me in tears! I was so happy and so grateful because I was desperate for a videographer but we couldn’t afford it, so for her to do that for us made me so thankful. I think I’ve watched it back a hundred times! Then on the flip side my other half got into an accident and wrote off his car, but no-one was injured and that’s the main thing. Hey ho – these things happen don’t they?

As usual it’s time for reflection on the previous month to see how well (or poorly) I did in sticking to or completing my goals. So lets revisit January and have a looksy!


The thing that was driving me crazy was all the accumulated Christmas rubbish we couldn’t get rid of. We’d missed our bin days so it was piling up and making my skin crawl. We were eventually able to get rid of it and I could do a proper clean up of the kitchen, bathrooms and the spare room. I felt much better for it seeing the clutter get removed.

I still need to tackle the living room – I haven’t felt 100% these last few weeks so it’s a task in progress. But this will be on my “to do” list so I’ll give myself a break for not achieving this one by the 31st.


I did really well with this actually! Right up until the end of the month where there were surprise expenses and I ended up in there anyway. It was a bit of a bummer but usually I’m in it within 3-5 days of getting paid. So I was only caught short at the very end.
I get too excited on PayDay and splurge; then struggle for the next 3 weeks. It’s a habit I need to break so I was pretty proud of myself for curbed my spending.


I kept to this schedule as best as I could and I think I only missed one day that I usually post. My creative juices weren’t flowing and I had what felt like a million other things to do. Plus I had spent literally weeks drafting and re-drafting my HAPPILY EVER GARDINER post and will most likely do that same for Part Two – I guess I was just pouring everything into it and lost track of the time. Oh well! No biggy!


I didn’t even touch this one. I had full intentions to start looking after myself better but I still felt so poorly and just blah that I haven’t had the energy to do anything, even something as gentle as Yoga.
I did however look into an exercise classes that might be fun for me. I stumbled across something they do at The Circus School in Northampton. It’s called Flying-FIT and seems to be a combo of pilates/yoga and using their aerial hoops and trapeze bars for strength training. So I got in touch with them and hope to start in March! It’s something a little different and they welcome everyone of all abilities so even if I suck to start with they’ll be gentle and encourage me. Hopefully I’ll see some improvements and will stick with it!


I felt like I didn’t need to apologise for anything this month so I haven’t had to make the conscious effort to stop. But maybe that’s me doing it already? I’ve been looking at situations and things in a more rational way and by doing that the need to say sorry hasn’t been there, because I’ve made good choices before hand. It’s a practice that needs to be reinforced so I will continue to make the effort to work on this one because there will be the occasional slip up. But I didn’t apologise to any furniture, so that’s a good sign!

Moving on to February.. I always find this to be a weird month and I’m never really that motivated. I’m not sure why. Maybe the January blues don’t sink in for me until around this time because Christmas is WELL and truly a thing of the past and any bank holidays and things to be excited for are in the distant future and feel like forever away.

I’ve had to really try and think of some goals for this month so I’ve kept it simple and focused on things that are achievable, but also beneficial. So here’s what I’ve got planned..

I always like to have a little buffer – you never know when an unexpected expense will crop up and January was a good example of this. We had to use a little of our savings to help Karne get a new car and I absolutely hate touching it. It makes me feel all dirty when I do, almost like I’ve done something wrong but it was unavoidable in this case! So I want to put back a little into to ease my guilt.

I recently painted the feature wall in the bedroom a really nice dark blue. I loved the burnt orange but it was pretty restrictive when it came to duvets and accessories and I love to add little touches to a room to personalise it. The dark blue makes it much easier to do this and the burnt orange stuff we already have goes well with it – it’s a nice industrial feel which is kind of what I’m going for. So I’d like to get a few bits for the room to finish it off and spice it up (get your mind out of the gutter!), y’know new bedspread, curtains and pillows and what-not.

This is much harder to do than I anticipated. I get a fair amount of traffic from my current methods (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) but I feel like Pinterest is the key and I don’t really understand the methods for utilising it. I just pin stuff I like every now and then and never touch it again, but apparently it is a HUGE traffic driver and can really boost a blogs popularity and reach.
I’d really love to expand my horizons with my little corner of the internet so I’ve enrolled in a mini-course to help me wrap my head around it and hopefully I’ll see a gentle stream of new readers and subscribers!

I want to go through my drawer and get rid of anything that’s out of date or hasn’t been used in a while. You accumulate so much of the stuff over time and always hold onto it “just in case” when in reality, you will never touch it. So I’m going to take everything out and only keep the essentials. It’s going to be hard to part with some of it – because chances are it wasn’t cheap – but it’s necessary as part of a good spring clean and keeping everything hygienic. Plus I can’t remember the last time I actually went through it all so it’s definitely overdue!

I still struggle to take blog photos I’m totally happy with and have read up on hundreds of hints and tips blogs to try and get some insights. They all generally lead to the same conclusion – you need good lighting. Natural light tends to be best but unfortunately I don’t get a great deal of it because of the position of our house, so I’ll need a synthetic alternative. I have an Amazon voucher that’s crying out to be used so I’m going to look for some soft box lights and reflectors and get playing with them. If anyone has any recommendations it would be much appreciated!

Wishing you all a fantastic February and would love to hear your goals for the month too. ♡

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  • Viktoria posted on February 4, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Hi Laura,

    Regading Pinterest: for a long time I didn’t utilize it either, but once I started, I realized that it can really give a massive boost to your blog traffic. I’m not an expert by any means and still have to experiment a lot to find the best way to use it, but this is what I learned so far:
    Consistency is key and it’s really difficult to do that without a scheduler. I use both Tailwind and Boardbooster (but you can choose either of them) and pin around 100 pins/day altogether. I once read that people who already have pins that went viral can do with a lot less, because those will provide constant engagement, but I found that in the beginning I needed to really increase the number of my pins.
    Boardbooster is great for looping (e.g. automatically repining pins to selected boards) – no time and effort required on your part.
    Tailwind is great for scheduling new pins. I use it 2/week, when I have a new post and it takes me around 45mins to schedule my pins and other pins in each session (but I pin a lot and am a member of a lot of group boards that I have to repin from)
    You should start applying to quality group boards. I started by going through other bloggers’ profiles and applied to the boards they were members of
    I found the ideal ratio of pinning my own content vs others’ is 30%-70%
    Create a lot of boards that reflect your interests and blog niche and start pinning to that. People really seem to love infographics and lifestyle pictures, I get a lot of repins from those and I think that increases my reach and engagement.
    You can grow your account really fast once you start pinning consistently
    I also create at least 2 different pins per post (with Canva) and schedule it throughout the week with Tailwind.

    Not sure whether these answer some of your questions, but hopefully☺ Let me know if you have more, as I said, I’m no expert, but I probably read every Pinterest article out there when I researched it☺

    Happy February,

    • L △ U R △ posted on February 5, 2018 at 11:14 am

      Hi Viktora!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to pass on your words of wisdom. They have been really helpful and I’ll definitely take them on board!
      Do you have any recommendations on Pinterest groups to join??

      Laura x

      • Viktoria posted on February 5, 2018 at 5:22 pm

        Try to find ones with many contributors and a lot of pins. If they require repins, that’s good, because then people do not only use them as dumping grounds for their own pins. I have more or less good engagement from the ones I was accepted to, you can go through that list if you want – or even better, find some big Pinterest bloggers and go through their list and start sending emails. Not everyone will get back to you, but it’s perfectly normal.

  • Shannon posted on February 16, 2018 at 1:58 am

    I need to get better at pinterest, too! And I totally agree that january is such a “blues” month!

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