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Festival Fashion On A Budget

The festival season is in full swing and with it comes festival fashion. I love nothing more than being in a field full of like-minded music lovers and can’t wait until I can go again! But festivals aren’t just known for their music anymore, a big thing that has come out of it is festival fashion. And I LOVE festival fashion.

Boohoo gave me the task of putting together a festival outfit on a budget of £40. We all know I love a bargain so this was an instant “challenge accepted”. I threw in another 2 as a bonus so you’re set for the whole weekend!

Look 1 – Fan Girl (£41)

I’m a simple gal, so my personal pick was just that. I love a band t-shirt (and yes, Metallica are one of my favourites) and thought it would look great with this denim pinafore dress. Put on some wellies and knee-high socks, and you’re good to go!

Now you might say “hang on Laura, that’s more than £40”. Well when I picked this out, the dress was in the sale and well within budget. So I’ll stick to my guns on this one.

Look 2 – Sequins (£36)

Sequins are everywhere and have been a festival staple for a while now. This sequin bardot crop top is really fun and the high rise distressed shorts give it a bit of an edge. You’ll be catching the rays in more ways than one. Some chunky flatform sandals or ankle boots would be my feets weapon of choice to finish.

Look 3 – Flower Child (£36)

Okay, I may have cheated slightly on this one, given that it’s a co-ord. But I’m not sorry because it’s really pretty! Bardot tops are flattering on everyone and this is nice and light if you’re caught at a festival when the weather is amazing. Add a fringe crossover bag and you’ve got a full house.

Check out Boohoo’s full range here: FESTIVAL FASHION

What are your top picks for festival wear? If you’re going to any festivals this year, or have already been, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear about them. You never leave without a story or two to tell.

Until next time! ♡

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  1. The best part of summer is the beach and festivals! I’m loving the flower child vibe.