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3 Frugal Methods To Live Big On A Small Budget

Being frugal is an admirable trait and one that many of us are trying to develop. However, living frugally doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go without. In fact, it is entirely possible to live on a reasonable budget but also make room for the little luxuries in life. Read on to find out how.

A New Car

The first method to consider, if you want to live big on a small budget is investing in a new car. After all, it’s pretty sweet to drive a brand new vehicle, not to mention the amount you can save over the long term because any problems are covered by warranty, something that means you don’t have to find £1000’s suddenly!

Of course, most people trying to live frugally assume that a new vehicle is something that is out of their budget, but happily, this isn’t necessarily the case.

In fact, rather than trying to buy a brand new car outright, why not go for a PCP option like this Vauxhall ADAM 4 Year Personal Contract Hire Offer instead? Then you will know exactly how much you have to budget for your vehicle each month, something that makes it much easier to tell whether this choice is affordable on your frugal budget on not.

Also remember that even if you were to go with a used car but pay for it with a loan, the monthly cost may be the same or even more, making it much more sensible to get a brand new version!

Up To Date Tech

Argh! Tech can really be the frugal person’s downfall because no sooner have you bought the latest item than something else comes out! Of course, there are ways of reaching a compromise when it comes to tech, something that whether we like it or not, we all need to some degree in our lives.

One solution is to go for the less popular brands, for example, swapping out the latest Apple iPhone or watch for another maker like Huawei or Samsung. Something that can often immediately lower than purchase or contract price.

Alternatively, why not go for tech items that aren’t the latest release but the ones before, and have already been used. In fact, such pieces are often restored and set back to factory settings, so it’s like getting a new item, just for a fraction of the cost.

Hobbies And Leisure Time

Some frugal types see hobbies and spending money on leisure time as a waste, but it really isn’t. In fact, it’s essential to have something going on in your life apart from work, because this is where you source your energy to keep earning from.

Of course, some hobbies are better than others if you are looking to stick to a reasonable budget. For example, golf can be expensive because of the club membership fees and all the equipment you need, and the same can be said for horse riding, and even sailing.

Instead, why not consider investing your time and money into a creative hobby? Then when you get good, you can sell the products you create and making it a self-sustaining enterprise that doesn’t actually cost anything to do, allowing you to live a full life, on a small budget!

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