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I’m a hippy at heart. But I feel a huge sense of responsibility to this Earth and the thought that I’m contributing to the ever-increasing pollution problem makes me so sad inside.

Climate change is undeniable

Being just one little person on a planet with 6+ billion others and trying to think of ways I can personally help is a bit of a mind field. But I really try to do my part…  I recycle, I compost, I try to spare water, I don’t eat meat and I buy most things 2nd hand if I can. But one of the biggest things I overlooked was the energy that gets supplied to my house.

A lot of people don’t really look beyond the big 6 because no-one wants to the hassle. You want to pay your bill each month and be done with it. But I came across a “little” company called Octopus Energy when I was doing an Energy Comparison when my prices went sky high (fuck off am I paying £100+ when there are 2 people in the house!) and I really fell in love with their ethos and thought.. they’re right for me. They share my values.

Octopus is a completely renewable energy supplier and began in 2011 when they were built their first solar generation plant. Since then they’ve gone on to build 154 solar farms in the UK and another 66 projects in France!
I think they’re also one of the only companies in the UK to have a true green tariff which is “The Super Green Octopus Tariff”. This offers 100% renewable electricity and full carbon offsets for gas. This means that from an energy point of view your home is carbon neutral – leaving little to no footprint on the planet. Yey!

The farms they’ve funded generate 40% of all the UK’s large-scale solar! – enough to power over a quarter of a million homes when the sun shines!.

They also invest in wind generation, Anaerobic digestion plants* and “Rapid response” gas generation**

Not to mention they are very inexpensive. I cut my energy bills in half and pay £45 a month. That’s it!

The inspiration for this post was a little email they sent me in honour of United Nations World Environment Day.  It showed me that by swapping with them, 50% of the energy supplied to my house is renewable and greenhouse friendly. 88% of that energy Solar, with the remaining 12% being Anaerobic Digestion. And at 50% renewable electricity my household has released 348kg less CO2 than I would have with the typical UK supplier. That’s the same impact as 174 trees! This makes me a very happy bunny.

[ Click Here for a Green House! ]

If you like the sound of all this lovely stuff and wanted to give them a try, click the link above and they’ll give us both £15 if you sign up. Paid directly into your bank account, so you can actually make use of it. Another yey!

* Use the natural breakdown of plant waste to make electricity
** This is crucial to balance supply when there’s no wind and sun and helps to keep your lights on

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