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Haunted By The Homeless

There are a few things that occur on this Earth that I cannot tolerate. One is animal cruelty, one is discrimination against anyone or anything and the final one is homelessness. In this century it should absolutely not be a reality for anyone. There is no excuse. Just play the video I’ve included in this post to see how utterly shameful it really is.

So walking through a town local to me today and going about our own business, we came across 4 or 5 homeless people within a 5-minute walk. That was just on the one high street. I have no idea how many more there might have been further up or round another corner.


Some had blankets, some did not. All with their lives in a single backpack. Some clearly starving and others huddled together for warmth. It was just so upsetting given that today it is absolutely freezing and there were hundreds of people walking by them as though they were invisible. No one should ever be made to feel invisible. It’s inhuman and deeply hurtful. So we decided that on the way back from our destination if they were still there, we would give them £10 each. And I will never forget the homeless man we gave money to just before returning to the car.

£10, that was all it was. It wasn’t much, but we’d only spend it on a takeaway or something and felt they needed it more than we did. So when my other half gave it to him (which the guy was completely objecting to taking), his face filled with every human emotion all at once. Happiness, sadness, confusion, uncertainty, guilt, elation and fear. It was all there on his face… his mouth wide open with shock, and his eyes filled with tears. You honestly would have thought we had given him a winning lottery ticket.
Then my partner also gave the woman he was with, who was almost hiding in an empty shop doorway, £10 for herself. I thought she was going to collapse to the floor. She burst into tears and said we had just saved her life. She asked if she could give him a hug because it was all she could give back. Both of them were shaking their heads and thanking us over and over. We said goodbye and I had to hold back the tears.

I know a lot of people will say “but they’ll probably spend it on drink and drugs”, well sorry to tell you but so do a good 80% of the rest of society. That money was a gift. What they choose to do with it is completely up to them. Addiction is a sickness, and if they feel they need something to curb the withdrawal pains, then that’s their choice. I will not judge them and they are entitled to do whatever they feel is necessary for them. We don’t know their circumstances, we don’t know their pain, we cannot imagine what it is like to live like that. Sh*t, if it was me, I’d probably be drinking or using to forget how awful things were too. But I’d rather have faith they used it for other means.

I don’t think I will ever forget the look on their faces; it really hit me in the feels and I can’t get it out of my head. So if you take anything from this please pay it forward, do a good/nice thing for someone. Anyone. You don’t know what a small act of kindness will mean to them.

Until next time ♡