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I’m a really bad “window” shopper for homeware bits and pieces. I taunt myself by trolling through websites looking for pretty things I’d like for my house. They het added to my basket and when I get to the checkout, see the total I’m like.. uhhh, maybe not. Is it just me?

I’ve been wanting to redecorate my bedroom. Don’t get me wrong I love the burnt orange, but forest green has been calling out to me lately. I find it really calming and H&M have a huge range in this colour right now! So it isn’t helping to curb the urge. if I can get the other half on board the dream can become reality! I’ve put together a little list of homeware pieces I’ve been spying to achieve this. Maybe you’ll see something you like too.

I teamed up with The Yorkshire Linen Company a few weeks back and shared my love of soft furnishing, you can check that out [ here ]. They’re relatively cheap, they’re everywhere and they can really do a lot to change the feel of a room.
H&M have a huge range of cushions in pretty much all shapes, sizes and colours. So there’s something for everyone!

If the world went to hell (more than it already is) and we lost all power for the foreseeable future I genuinely think I have enough candles in this house to keep us going for a year. Yup, I have that many. If I see a bag of tealights at the checkout, they get grabbed. Sneaky shop counters!

I love to burn them when I can because the soft glow calms me and they make the house smell nice. And when you have a dog, this comes in handy. Besides, they can come in really pretty pots and holders for them which are nice enough on their own. Some of the scents that are coming out are gorgeous. As exotic as they can get, I’m a vanilla/sandalwood kinda girl so I tend not to stray too far when it comes to smells.

I have a slight obsession with bedding. I have more duvet sets and sheets than I do socks, and I have a lot of socks. But who doesn’t love fresh new bedding, or even buy a new set just for Christmas morning? It can’t just be me. It’s as traditional as getting yourself a new set of PJ’s to wear on Christmas Eve! And if you don’t do that then you’re doing Christmas all wrong.

I’ve been eyeballing a new bedspread and throw. Yeah the throw tends to get chucked off when we go to sleep, but they look pretty! Plus for the colder months it’s nice to grab something and curl up in it when you’re bingeing on Netflix.

I only have a few in my house, but I feel like a well placed mirror can make a room feel so much bigger and with the simple gold frame/shapes that are coming out they can also look super expensive and decadent.

I’ve got a really fun idea of getting a bunch of random mirrors, all with a gold frame, in different shapes and sizes and having them dotted up the stairs to break up the wall once it’s all been painted (I still haven’t figured out how to get paint all the way up to the high ceiling!). I think it’ll look really quirky instead of having pictures up.. as we don’t really display photos in our home.

Have you guys got your eye on any homeware pieces or seen anything you’ve gotten really excited about and would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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