lifestyle, promotion, review Glorious Germini’s ft Home Bargains 14th October 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but I love having fresh flowers in my house. They just make me cheerful and brighten up a room, especially with the oncoming dreary weather that we’re due to have! I’m find them pretty calming too.. maybe that’s just me?

So I was excited to partner up with Home Bargains to receive one of their beautiful bouquets. Certainly needed it after a bit of a crappy week and I received a gorgeous bunch of Glorious Germinis. And yes, Home Bargains do more than just home ware!
The Germini’s came in pinks and whites with this lovely greenery to break them up and add some texture.

They have a pretty wide range from roses to lilies, carnations to orchids and they are all very budget friendly from between £9.99-£24.99 a bouquet! I think my favourite from their range is the Sunny Garden collections. Those colours are just stunning!

They came beautifully packaged in a tall slender box, and they even included a vase for me which can be added to your order for £4.99. I thought was a really lovely touch for them to include this and it displays them perfectly. I followed the instructions by cutting 2cm off the stems at an angle and put the feed into the water to help them stay a little longer. They look and smell amazing and are likely to keep really well as they are pretty low maintenance and not too thirsty.

So overall, I’m pretty impressed and definitely not something I would have thought to buy from Home Bargains before. So if you’re looking to brighten up someone’s day, buy a gift or just have some beautiful flowers on display in your home.. check them out, I will be the next time I need to send flowers 😊

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