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How To Stand Out For The Right Reasons

We all want to stand out. To be seen and be taken notice of… yet there’s a big difference between standing out for the right reasons and for all the wrong reasons.

We’ve all come across someone we would consider being a fashion victim, where unfortunately they get attention for all the wrong reasons… and similarly, we’ve all come across someone that radiates such good energy and persona that not only do we want to be around them; we want to be more like them!

When it comes to standing out, many people focus on the external aspects of themselves, such as what they wear or getting a nose piercing to differentiate themselves from the crowd – yet one of the most profound ways to make yourself stand out is based on who you are on the inside, rather than how you show up on the outside. There’s more to a person than their appearance or style. If they’re ugly on the inside, the gloss on the outside does little to cover it up

So how do make yourself stand out, for the right reasons?

After all, there are tonnes of ways to be under the spotlight for the wrong ones. I’m sure we’ve all know people who succumb to addictions and act out in ways that aren’t acceptable! Just as we have seen others stand out due to being confident, kind and warm-hearted.

Kindness is an interesting cultural phenomenon, in the sense that we are all brought up to be kind and treat people how we wish to be treated – yet, particularly in busy cities such as London we walk by those in need; from people with no money or even shelter, to those that have tripped and fallen.

Whilst we all like the idea that we would stop to help the sweet old lady that has fallen on the steps down to the tube, the reality is that many people will barge past her in order to get their train and live out their busy lives. The truth is, to really stand out today, kindness will go a long way.

Here are three quick and simple ways you can stand out for all the right reasons and be the best possible version of you…


The benefits of smiling and laughter are significant, and laughter is contagious.  It can not only lead to you feeling better in yourself, but it creates a chain-reaction that uplifts those around you. Laughter truly is one of the best medicines.


Get more conscious about leaving people and places better than you find them!

Focus on trying to have a positive impact on those you come into contact with; even if it’s through a simple smile or well-intentioned compliment with a stranger. It might be awkward at first, but you’d be surprised by the response you get. Find ways to interact with people that lift them up and make them feel better about themselves – just make sure you do this from a place of authenticity because creepy isn’t how you want to come across.

Everyone has heard of “paying it forward” and some of the heartwarming stories you read when those gestures make it to the right person. If you don’t want to be too forward, you can do it from the sidelines and still know you’ve done something wonderful for another person.


We often focus more on what we receive rather than what we give. But we aren’t in control of what other people give to us, in terms of how they treat you, and we also aren’t in control of all the circumstances of our lives either.

The one thing we can control, however, is how we show up and what we bring to the world.  Therefore, you want to shift your focus to what you “give” rather than what you “get”. This is something I’m starting to teach myself and become more aware of. I never expect anything material, it’s emotional investment much of the time. But you can feel like you put more in than most and get very little in return. And if you keep looking at it that way, it’s only going to bring you down and could change the reason you do things for others. Try not to focus on the to and fro and just focus on your reasons for doing what you do.

Ultimately, the more giving you are, the more positivity you will attract and your small gestures could make a big impact on the world. Look at Mother Teresa, for example. She left her mark in history as a kind and giving woman, who dedicated her life to helping others. That’s a legacy I’d like to leave behind!

Everything is connected and Karma is real, what you give you will receive back 3 times over. It’s a mantra I try to live by and could be a good one for you too.

Until next time ♡


  1. Ahh this is such a sweet post! Im generally known as the positive, laughing, always smiling person of the group, and its something I absolutely love. Being known as the happy positive person who tries to make others feel the same is such a wonderful feeling. Making other people happier makes me a 1000x happier! I loved this post! xx