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I Won My Bridesmaid Dresses

Image credit: @littlemistressuk

I hadn’t won anything in a while and that was mostly due to the fact I was lazy with my entries and wasn’t participating in it as often as I was before. But I stumbled across an Instagram giveaway which offered Bridesmaid Dresses of your choice from Little Mistress and a veil and bridesmaid gifts from Crown and Glory. The bridesmaid dress I wore to my best friends wedding was from Little Mistress and I got so many compliments on it, so I didn’t really think twice. After all, it was a simple “like and tag” thing and I figured it would have been helpful to have that in the bag now I’m actually planning a wedding. Never expecting to actually win.

But the Universe was on my side and I was chosen as their winner, yey!

It was a little tricky as the original colour I wanted for my girls wasn’t something they offered, which in hindsight I think is a blessing in disguise. Had I gone with it, I feel like the photos may have looked a bit muted and bland. So instead I opted for a peach colour. Very pretty, not in your face, and would go beautifully with the theme and venue.

Image credit: Little Mistress

Aren’t they purrrdy?! When they arrived and one of my sisters tried hers on it was a jaw on the floor, “you look amazing!” moment. I was so happy! They look absolutely stunning on and personally I don’t think you’d know they were “high street”. Not that I care, but y’know, some people might in their own circumstances. In case you’re interested, they’re the Little Mistress Pink Maxi Dress.


From Crown and Glory, I chose the Starburst Glitter Birdcage Veil. I’m not really sure if I’m going to wear a veil but this kept catching my eye and was within the budget I was given, so I went with that in ‘Old Gold’ as pictured. Even if I don’t wear it on the day it’s still awesome and I might just end up wearing it around the house because why the not?

Image credit: Crown & Glory

They were also really sweet and sent some DIY floral crowns for my bridesmaids. A white one for me and pastels for the girls. I highly recommend checking them out if you love floral crowns and funky hairpins too. They have some awesome goodies on their website so go and take a look!

Image credit: Crown & Glory

It definitely spurred me back into binge entering tonnes of competitions and since then I’ve won a couple of goodies from ELF. Double yey!

Anyways, I hope this inspires you to get comping. You never know when it’s your time to win! And check out Little Mistress and Crown and Glory for all things wedding, you’d be surprised.

Until next time ♡