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Joe Browns Autumn Wishlist

I’m so happy the colder months are closing in. Summer isn’t exactly my best friend for reasons for which I touched on in another post. But truth be told, I’ve always been a jumper/hoody, jeans, boots and a beanie kind of girl. So I get excited when it’s acceptable to pull out the cosy clothes.

This time of year is when they start bringing out the new pieces to accommodate for the change of season, and since I’m terrible for “window shopping” on the internet I figured I’d share some of my top picks from one of my favourite brands, Joe Browns.
I’ve always loved their style. It’s really quirky and unique and they always have something that catches my eye. I usually troll their website when I know there’s a sale and snag myself a few bits. Some of my favourite tops are a bargain buy and their sizing and quality never let me down.

Anyway, onto the good stuff!

Beautiful 2-in-1 Top

First up is this really cute 2 in 1 top/tunic. I love these kinds of tops because you can just throw them on and you look really well put together. The chiffon print tunic is really pretty and teamed with a mock cardigan with lace front detailing makes it quirky and fun. I’d throw on leggings and a pair of tan boots to finish this off.

Vampy Turtleneck Top

Look at this! I’m obsessed. It’s really simple but I just love the high neck and the corset detailing on the front. The red is a really gorgeous deep colour which I think will flatter most skin tones and the marl effect makes it a little bit different. This is definitely a dress up or down kind of thing, a nice transitional piece for day to night.


Autumn Rainbow Jumper

This is so cute and looks like it would be super soft and really comfortable. I love the little pockets on the front. If I get a hold of this I can guarantee you I would be living in it. I feel like it’s got quite a lot of personality in it too.

Little Frill Jumper

I love the emerald green of this one. It’s so pretty! I feel like it’d be a really versatile jumper that you could dress up for work or down for more casual day to day wear. The cute frills just give it a little something extra. I imagine it would be quite a nice fit too, not too thin and not too thick either. So it would make for an easy to wear jumper when the weather is unpredictable.

Beautiful Illusion Jumper

I freaking love this. It’s literally all the colours of Autumn weaved into one really cute and cosy jumper. It’s got a really flattering shape to it and it’s definitely my favourite out of all of the pieces I’ve put together for this. My husband just said, “that’s such a Laura jumper”, so clearly I have a certain taste and this is obviously it. So if anyone got me for Christmas this year *hint hint* here’s a solid present I’d be buzzing for!

If I carried on pulling everything I love from their website this post would end up 50 pages long and ain’t nobody got time for that. I’d love to know what you think about my top picks and if you’ve bought anything from Joe Browns before? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time ♡

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  1. Love this post! Thank you for sharing. The juniper jumper is so cute! I love the ruffle detail on the neck and sleeves.

  2. I love the jewel tones! Emerald and navy are my two favorite fall colors – so I absolutely love these recommendations!

  3. These colors! To die for!!! I love everything about fall and this colors represent fall to the tee! They look so beautiful and I love the emerald one! Hopefully you get all these on your wishlist!

  4. I actually have never heard of Joe Brown before. I love that rainbow jumper! I would wear that with a bright pink slip dress over the top because I’m all for 90s fashion. The emerald green frill jumper is so cute! You should leave this link everywhere to make sure the right people get a hint. I haven’t done a fashion wishlist in so long, I think I may have to schedule on in.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. I’ve never heard of Joe Browns before but I’m loving the look of that vampy top! I’m much more into Autumnal fashion than any other season because I’m all about the layers and cosy clothes. Unfortunately I definitely do not suit hats though, haha!!
    Alice Xx