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June Goals

Six down, six to go. It’s June and the weather right now is gorgeous, warm and is putting me in a great mood. I’m back on my part-time hours with work so I can enjoy the sunshine and get stuff done. Hurray!

May was a damn good month. We got the news that Karne was finally in remission and we both felt this weight lift off us that I can’t explain. Of course, there’s still a long way to go and no-one is in the clear until they hit the 5yr mark, but this is the first time we’ve been able to savour it and have that sense of relief. It meant that all the tears and difficult choices we had to make have been completely worth it. So suck on that big ‘C’!!

May Goals Recap

Play With My Camera

I’m still figuring stuff out and finding my ‘style’, so to speak. But it’s been a lot of fun messing around with my camera and doing flat lays. Trying to do those complex ones with a million different elements is a lot hard than it looks, and mine end up looking a mess! So I’m sticking with the rule of 3 and negative space. It’s putting my Instagram into a nice cohesive style, so I’ll be practising some more and playing around with it for some time.

Put The Wallpaper Up

Technically, I didn’t do this. Karne did, and he did a really good job too. It looks great! And my office feels a lot bigger and lived in, rather than this shell with a computer in it.
We had a bit of rigmarole with it though! We have enough to cover the entire wall, save for 5%. It was so frustrating!! I emailed Lidl to try and see if there was any ANYWHERE in the UK (no, by the way). I checked eBay, Amazon, googled the manufacturer and there was nothing. My last hope was Facebook Marketplace, and there were just 2 people in the entire country selling this stuff. One had already sold their rolls and the other I had to beg. She was selling them for £5 and was down in Devon. She didn’t think it was worth the hassle for such a small amount of money. So I had to plead and beg and offer her more money. It was fine, I got them in the end and they were the perfect match, so it was worth it.

But note to self… in future, always buy more than you anticipate when getting yourself wallpaper!

Hit 2500 on Instagram 

The theme on my Instagram is obviously working for me. I had around 2300 followers before, and checking it now… (one sec)… I have in 3377. So I absolutely smashed my goal by like, a thousand people. Crazy!
As much as it bites sometimes, the fact remains that the greater your following the more likely you are to be offered fun work. And Instagram is a minefield at the moment, so it’s really tough to grow. But when you do it’s worth the effort because you do get some really great opportunities when you get there. For example, I just got involved with Boohoo (I know!) and I’m also doing this really cool penpal project with other bloggers from around the world. I’m pretty excited about that – writing letters is really underrated and it would be nice to get something other than a bill through my letterbox!

Go Swimming 

LOL. No. Every time I got into a swimsuit and tried to force myself out of the door to go I had an internal meltdown. It’s the same reason I can’t get myself to the gym. I’m way too self-conscious and paranoid that I’ll bump into someone I know or that I’ll somehow make myself look a fool. It’s a catch 22. If I want to get to that place where I can step out the door, get myself to those changing rooms and walk into the water… it’s got to start at home and I really (and I mean REALLY) have to commit myself to it.

Plan Something 

Disappointed I wasn’t able to do this. It’s simple and it could have been anything. But we’re just so hand-to-mouth right now that day trips, nights out or doing much of anything is completely out of the question. It’s been pretty isolated for the both of us, but hopefully, we’ll get some movement on things soon and end up in a much better position! We were talking about with the weather being so nice right now, driving down to Newquay and having a weekend there would be so nice and refreshing. Someday soon!

We’re halfway through June already, so I won’t be stretching myself here. In fact, my only goal for this month is to appreciate what I do have and not to focus so much on what I don’t. I spend way too much time worrying about money, bills, we need this, we don’t have that, I can’t do this, what happens if that… It’s exhausting and completely counterproductive. Taking the time to enjoy the things I have and appreciate them will hopefully be freeing and give me newfound gratitude for the life I have.

That’s it for this month!
Time to get my butt into gear and plan my next post.

Until next time! ♡