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Like a lot of bloggers, I get a tonne of random messages in my DM’s and emails. Many, as I’ve mentioned before, are for products I have no personal interest in. And others are just downright weird. This time though, I was contacted by a really lovely spokesperson and I found their approach very different to others, so was immediately intrigued! They had a girl on their team who reads my blog (aww!) and thought we might make a good team for a collaboration. I obviously agreed, and here we are!


They go by the name of KindLook and they are, of course, of team cruelty-free! KindLook is a fairly new subscription box dedicated to helping end animal exploitation and spread the word on new and amazing cruelty-free brands who may otherwise fall below the radar. Every product they include in their boxes are not only cruelty-free but vegan, sustainably produced, recyclable, organic and supplied through fair trade. So they have a pretty tall order for who and what they share with their customers.

Their subscriptions are £19.99pm and every month the total value is between £60-100 with 2 full sized products or more, from well established and independent brands.


I was gifted their September box which arrived in no time at all and came wrapped in white and purple ribbons. Everything was safely and neatly packaged, and they had an information card to give you all the info you need for your new stuff!

Here’s what we got:

CHOBS UK Centella Asiatica Serum (RRP £46.00)
Thesis Mermaid’s Cheek Face Mask (RRP £26.99)
P’URE Papaya Lips (RRP £5.99)
Zao Nail Polish (RRP £11.50)
Flawless – The Blending Brush (RRP £6.99)


Laura Has a Blog

First, we’ll talk about the CHOBS UK Centella Asiatica Serum because it’s been my favourite thing since the box arrived. From what I can tell, this is the latest “must have” in the K-Beauty market and has been getting a lot of attention. Centella Asiatica is actually a perennial herb also known as gotu kola and is hailed for its anti-redness, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It’s also rich in Vitamin B and the serum has a list as long as your arm of skin loving ingredients. I’ve been using this for a little over 3 weeks now at night (3-4 drops is all you need) and I’ve noticed my skin feels tighter, brighter, nourished and the redness I get around my nose and chin has reduced.

Laura Has a Blog

Next, we have the Thesis Mermaids Cheek Face Mask. I love a good clay mask and I like the fact you have to mix it yourself and can tailor the consistency to your preference. And I can see why it’s called ‘Mermaids Cheek’ because the seaweed smell is strong, and I mean really strong. This mask is really good for reducing inflammation and is full of anti-oxidants and natural minerals to nourish the skin. I have an oily T-Zone and found this to be good at balancing that out and keeping my pores clear and reduced.

Laura Has a Blog

A lip balm that can both hydrate and exfoliate is not as common as you may think, but the P’URE Papaya Lips does just that. The fermented Papaya has enzymes in it that help to exfoliate your lips and the Shea Butter, Macadamia and Jojoba nourish and protect. So you’re kind of getting a 2 for 1 deal with this. It’s petroleum free, vegan-friendly, palm oil and castor oil free. All for a very reasonable £5.99!

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I’ve been rocking the ‘natural nail’ look recently, either with a barely-there pink or a DIY french mani. When the ZAO Nail Polish arrived, it went straight on because it went so well with my current nail regime. The one I got was a fine silver glitter topcoat called ‘Pailette’. It’s really subtle and very pretty. I’ve worn it pretty much every day since it arrived. I love the packaging and the brush on this makes it really easy to apply.

Laura Has a Blog

My obsession with makeup brushes is a little out of control. I have SO many but generally use the same ones over and over again. But when I get to try a new one I always get excited. Isn’t that sad? In the box, I got the Flawless Angled Eye Blending Brush and found it to be a really great tool! It buffs and blends out eyeshadow like a dream. And the brush itself is super soft and quite dense so you can get a lot of product on there. I found it had a little bit of an unusual curve to it, which hugged the contours of my eye. I haven’t seen that before, it’s very subtle, but it made the world of difference. This is now my go-to blending brush (sorry Spectrum!).


They really spoilt their subscribers with this box. With a combined total value of nearly £100 (£97.47 to be exact) I think this was a real treat for anyone who received one. Considering their subscription is £19.99 a month, I’d say you really are getting a lot for your money and it’s definitely something worth signing up for!

If you wanted to try and get your hands on one for free I’ve just found a little gem for you! They’re running a competition with Vegan Life Magazine where you can win your own box! [ Click here to enter ]. The competition closes midnight 24th September, so get your entries in while you can! Don’t say I don’t do anything for you 😋

Until next time ♡

☆ This post was in collaboration with KindLook, but all opinions remain my own ☆

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