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Latest In Beauty ⋆ Beauty Guru Box

I’ve always had a love for subscription boxes, I’ve tried and reviewed many and I’m always seeking new ones to discover. Latest In Beauty isn’t really a new one for me, but the concept it. They offered to let me try out their “build your own box service”, which is something you don’t come across often with a beauty box. In the beauty guru box, you get a choice of 9 products to try out and you’re spoilt for choice! It was hard to narrow it down, but here’s what I went for…

What’s In The Box?

I hand picked 9 items to try out and I did my best to ensure they were all cruelty-free. If I’ve made a mistake, please correct me because it can be a real headache trying to determine what is and what isn’t!
Some of these items are no longer available on their website, but I’ve added links for them so you can find out more if you’d like.

Rodial – Smokey Eye Pen
Amie – Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash + Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser Duo
Being by Sanctuary – Makeup Bag
MUA Luxe – Ombre 3 Shade Shimmer Highlighting Stick
Benecos – Maverick Nail Polish
Annabelle Minerals – Rose Mineral Blush
Temple Spa – Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream
Nude by Nature – Radiant Loose Powder Foundation
Ordo – Whitening and Sensitive Toothpaste

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen

This is a gel-effect eyeliner pen(cil) that is super pigmented. Literally as black as the soul inside me, and it’s pretty fast drying. Some eyeliners are pretty weak and don’t apply well to the waterline, but this one is pretty impressive. It doesn’t smudge much and seems to stay where you put it. I love the creamy application, as it glides on to the lid when you’re doing a winged eyeliner which makes the whole process a lot smoother! So far I’ve been really happy with it! Sorry for the blurry photo… trying to get my camera to focus on it with a busy background proved to be a challenge.

Amie Morning Clear and Morning Dew Duo

This went straight in the box. Their matte finish moisturiser is my absolute favourite so I was excited to get a refill. When the box came I was a little disappointed, as they’re only sample sizes and teeny tiny. I still made the most out of it and have used it every day. I would have liked a larger size as my love for this product has been rekindled. But they’re not an expensive brand anyway, so I’ll definitely be stocking up on this when my sample runs out!

Being By Sanctuary Make Up Bag

My makeup is everywhere. I don’t have any real storage for it and it’s just spread out all over my dressing table. So I picked this bag to try and help keep me (somewhat) organised! It’s a cute bag with a bold print, you can’t really go wrong with it! It’s pretty big and roomy so it fits plenty of stuff in there. I’ve put all of my daily products in there so I can just grab it and have everything on hand. It’s been really useful and will most likely be my go-to if I travel anywhere.

MUA Luxe Ombre Highlighting stick

MUA Luxe Ombre Highlighting Stick

I love highlighters and I don’t have many so I was excited about this. Unfortunately, when it came and I opened it, the product fell out of the packaging (I think it was loose in the tube) and big chunks of it came off when it hit the floor. I saved as much as I could and tried to secure it back in the tube and have been able to use it since. It’s not a texture I’m used to and it does require a bit of blending once applied. I found a finger works best as a sponge or brush kind of moves it about. Once you get the blending down it does leave a pretty summer shimmer. But it’s not for me! I’ll stick to my powder highlighters I think.

Benecos Maverick Nail Polish

Benecos Maverick Nail Polish

I have a few polishes from Benecos and I really love them. They’re pigmented, they dry quickly and their brush applicator makes applying them a dream. What more could you ask for, really? I’ve had this on for about 5 days now and it’s only just starting to chip. So I’m pretty impressed with the staying power and the purple colour of this looks amazing with a matte topcoat!

Annabelle Minerals Rose Mineral Blush

Annabelle Minerals Rose Mineral Blush

Usually, I’m a pressed powder kind girl. Loose powders scare me and I always worry I’m going to end up with too much on and that it’s gonna fly out everywhere. But this is really secure and has an opening that makes sure you’re not putting out too much. As the name suggests, it’s a really pretty rose/dusky pink and I think it suits my skin tone quite well. You only need the tiniest bit, so with this being a pretty generous size I know I’ll have this for a while. This is one of my favourites out of all of the ones I picked.

Temple Spa Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream

Temple Spa Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream

Another one that wouldn’t focus and I didn’t have the patience for… sorry guys. I picked this because from my previous blog you’ll know I love skincare products. I love having a regime and treating my skin and I like to have my rest days too so my skin can breathe. Working from home, the only person I have to scare with a naked face is my husband and he took vows… so I’m afraid that’s part of the deal (haha). Wasn’t that enthusiastic about it, but since it’s arrived I’ve been loving it. I put this on those days I decide to go bare and I feel like it really nourishes my skin. It absolutely drinks this up and it can be used as a night cream too if you felt like it.

Nude By Nature Radiant Powder Foundation

Nude By Nature Radiant Loose Powder

Despite this being their lightest shade (ivory) it’s still, unfortunately, a little too dark for me. To be honest, this is a common issue with a lot of brands. BUT it’s still a really nice powder foundation. I mentioned before that pressed powder is my preference, and the same applies to foundations. The product itself is very lightweight and easy to build. So if you do like your foundation in powder form and loose, it’s worth a try because I did genuinely like to coverage this gave me. It may be put to better use in the summer months when I have some colour though! It’s a decent size too, I’d say they gave you a full one if I’m not mistaken.

Ordo Whitening and Sensitive Toothpaste

Who doesn’t want white teeth? I’m not talking Ross Gellar UV bright white, but we all want a nice smile. Since I have a soft spot for a good cup of tea so my teeth aren’t as bright as I’d like them to be. My teeth are also SUPER sensitive. If I breathe in too harshly in the winter it’s like I’ve chomped down on an ice lolly! So I have to take that into consideration when I try out any teeth products in case it makes that worse. It’s formulated for tooth fairies like me then I figured, why not?

I didn’t expect to see a huge difference right off the bat, but I did. May have been placebo, but I certainly felt like my smile was brighter and whiter than before first use. And after using it daily I’ve definitely seen a difference. So I’m pretty happy with putting this in my basket.

Final Thoughts?

Since 8 out of the 9 products I chose are full sizes and or are very generous, I think this box is a great way to try out new things on a budget. You can sign up for a subscription of £18pm or a one-off for £25. Either way, you’re getting a lot for your money! They switch up their products a lot to give you variety and I think this would be a really great Christmas gift for the beauty lover in your life, or even for a secret Santa.

It’s definitely introduced me to a tonne of brands I’ve never tried before and I’m really happy I got the opportunity to try this out. So thank you, Latest in Beauty! You are amazing.

Until next time ♡

☆ This post was in collaboration with Latest In Beauty ☆


  1. These look like some great items ! That highlighter looks fantastic 🙂

    Kasey Ma

  2. I’ve never tried out a subscription box before, but I think I need to! I’m loving the idea of a build-your-own beauty box. This is definitely something that will work for me!

  3. This build-your-own-box service sounds super fun. Love that you picked out items that were not cruelty free! Will check out that rose mineral blush — looks so beautiful!