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Leaving Home for the First Time ⋆ What Do You Need?

☆ This is a collaborative post ☆

Having made the grades and passed their exams, it’s now time for the university undergraduate to begin their lives in the grown-up world of living alone. As well as the high running emotions in preparation for somebody to fly the nest for the first time, there are a few practical things needed to help them to set up home temporarily. 

When preparing to go it alone, here are a few essentials that shouldn’t be left off the list of things needed to make a home away from home. 

Moving Concept. Room with Cardboard Boxes

The Bedroom

Most first-year undergraduate students will find themselves living in halls for at least the first year. This will mean a lot of time spent in their rooms for both relaxation and (occasional) study. The rooms in university halls are often very basic but will provide furniture such as a bed, a wardrobe, a desk with shelves and a chair. 

To make this space of relaxation, comfort, and productivity for the undergraduate away from home, bring some of these essentials : 

  • Duvet and pillows – goes without saying that these are essential for comfort and everyday living 
  • Bedsheets, pillow covers and duvet covers – and then a spare, because going a whole term without washing those things is just gross!! 
  • Lamp or other lights – Makes the room slightly homier and gives a relaxing ambience  
  • A small rug – larger rugs are less likely to fit on the small square meterage of the average uni room
  • Picture frames -to have memories of the people left at home around. It also brings a bit of decoration to those plain uni dorm walls with limited damage

Small items like these add a personal touch to a dorm room. Be careful not to overdo it, though- otherwise there will be more stuff simply stored in boxes rather than being used. Extra items: although most rooms will come with a mirror, it is always nice to have a spare! Handy for getting ready for a night out *ahem* studying. 

The Kitchen

For those lucky enough to be in halls with a kitchen, this is the place where flatmates can hang out, get to know each other, host parties, and maybe occasionally cook and eat a vegetable here and there. 

Self-Catering halls will provide a kitchen with a cooker, hob, fridge, freezer, and microwave. It’s rare that they provide a kettle and toaster, as these things come with electricity risks. Waiting until arrival and seeing what other students will bring along with them, or splitting the costs of these essentials is a cost-saver. Having the essentials can also set the student for life, and owning specific items is a way of being able to identify who has not done their washing up! 

  • Apron – best believe that learning to cook can be a messy, messy procedure. They don’t have to be expensive, like these chef-quality aprons from Richard Haworth that start at just under a fiver in price. 
  • Pans – a small saucepan, a larger pot, and a frying pan will become the students’ best friend during their entire academic career, for cooking, and-well… other reasons. 
  • Knives – a student should have at least one decent knife for chopping and slicing all those green vegetables they will be eating (or not) 
  • Utensils – it’s also handy to have utensils to hand such as a wooden spoon, a colander, potato masher, and scissors- don’t forget scissors- someone will always need those!
  • Crockery – a large plate, a small plate, a bowl, two glasses, two mugs- a knife, a fork, and a spoon- too many will add to the never-ending pile of washing up, but multiples will be useful for when friends visit and want to eat and drink something, too. 
  • Tupperware – because cooking for one can be a challenge. Storing leftovers in a Tupperware container is a great way to save money for budgeting students. 

Most students will only have access to a cupboard or two for food AND equipment, so space-saving is the key here. It might be a good idea to don the student with a voucher for a shop local to their university town to purchase these items after they arrive. 

Going to University is a young person’s first step into the adulting world. In addition to having an excellent social life, a student will learn how to cook (tip- student cookbooks aren’t necessary as there are plenty of student recipe blogs online) and get a degree before working towards earning their first full-time wage.

However, it can be daunting for some, so having a home away from home helps with settling into this new phase of life!

Until next time ♡