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Greetings March! It is the month that I was brought into the world so that means it must be a good one right? Let’s hope so because February kinda sucked.

Karne went into hospital for his stem cell transplant and having him be an hour’s drive away, trying to work and keep everything together has been a little harder on me than I initially thought it would be. But as the weeks go by it gets a bit easier because it just means he’s just that little closer to coming home. Yey! Hopefully this is the the final uphill struggle and we will reach the top and see the view of a bright cancer free future. Keep everything crossed people!

So in light of this – did I manage to achieve any of my goals I had set for February? Let’s have a look..

♡ Put Some Money Away ♡ 

I didn’t put any money away but I did pay off a couple of store cards that I’ve had floating around in the background which makes me feel better because it’s one less thing I need to pay for. Unfortunately it’s unlikely I’ll be able to save anything this month because March is expensive for me. My car tax, car insurance, service and MOT come up all at once which is a bitch. The fundamental experience of being an adult is being skint because you have bills to pay. So y’know.. life.

♡ Redecorate The Bedroom ♡

I painted the feature wall in the bedroom a dark blue like I wanted to. I do really like it but I kinda miss the orange. I’m really indecisive when it comes stuff like this and flick back and forth. We bought some new curtains which actually fit window and it transformed the room so I almost feel like painting the wall wasn’t necessary. I’m not going to make any more decisions about it for a few while though – I want to give it a chance and put some bits and pieces in the room to tie it altogether and get what I have in my head set up. We also found this awesome copper industrial light which looks amazing, so I think it’s just a case of finding the final touches that make it come together. I’d check out Iconic Lights if you’re after really nice lights and pendants that don’t cost the earth – you’ll thank me later.

♡ Drive More Traffic to my Blog ♡ 

I have been lacking when it comes to keeping up with posts and what not. But given my personal circumstances I think I can be forgiven for it. I’ve just had other priorities and it’s been a very tiring and stressful few weeks. When you’re tired and stressed you can’t really get yourself into the right frame of mind to sit and write, or even think of anything to talk about. All I want to do is just want to take a bath, read a book and relax a little.

However I did sign up to tailwind which has been quite surprising with the results. My follower count on Pinterest has increased and as I’m pinning my posts in the tribes, they are getting shared and ultimately more people are being driven to the blog and reading it. I only have the free trial version at the moment but given that I can see a pretty good improvement already I think I’ll save up and invest in the full version to make the most out of it and really maximum my blogs potential with it!

♡ Make Up Clear Out ♡

Yup, did that. I knew I’d be really stingy when it came to get ridding some of it.. because that sh*t costs money. But it was well overdue and you’re not really supposed to have stuff floating around that’s a couple of years old. It’s gross, bit if everyone is being completely honest they don’t through away a mascara that’s 6 months old. They think “meh” and use it anyway until it’s dry as a bone. I think I threw away about a third of the stuff I had. Mainly liquid lipsticks because I tend to go for similar shades and it seemed pointless having tonnes of what was ultimately the same thing.

♡ Invest in Some Lighting ♡

I spent some time trying to find something that was small, compact but would do the job. I don’t really have room for huge soft box lights and I wanted something that had convenience but also worked really well. I looked at ring lights and numerous other things that are recommended by bloggers and I eventually found the NEEWER Photography 126 LED Studio Lighting Kit. I figured if I didn’t like it I could always send it back and it was only £29 so was quite a bargain!

It works really well for what I need it to. It has different diffusers you can add, a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness and it’s small but packs a punch. I could take my blog photos in the pitch black and you wouldn’t know.
It extends to a pretty good height too which makes it great for flaylays (if I can ever perfect those buggers). It’s gonna take some time to play with it and figure out what works best but I’m confident it’s going to help out with my blog photography and I can start to use more of my own images.

So again, not a bad turn out. I didn’t set the bar too high because I knew I’d be preoccupied and busy with other things. I am disappointed I wasn’t able to save some money. I think that’s going to be a recurring thing because money is literally all I think about. I’m ticking over on how to save it, how I can cut back in places, how we’re going to pay for this, how I’m going to pay for that. It’s just a constant concern so if I can make sure I give myself a little buffer it should help to ease that and quiet my brain a little.

I’m not shooting for the stars this month either – everything that’s going on kinda rolls into March as well so again they’re just simple things that I’ve been intending to do and haven’t got around to yet.

Every. Penny. Counts. Things are going be tight with our diminished income and whatnot so I’m going to put some stuff I have been holding onto and sell them on eBay for some extra pocket money. Things like bags, clothes, shoes I haven’t worn in forever. Usually I would donate them without hesitation but it really will help us out.
Most of the stuff I have in mind is some of the expensive bags or shoes that I don’t use/wear anymore because they’re leather but kept because of how much they were. It just seems a waste. So hopefully they’ll find new homes and be well loved by the next person.

I really want to learn to do something creative and I always envy those who can crochet because some of the stuff that you can do with one of those needles and some yarn is pretty impressive. I don’t really have a hobby beside this blog so I’d like to have something else to do. Something I can just sit down, get stuck into and waste some time doing with something to show for it at the end.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said something like this before.. but finding a hobby or a skill you really enjoy seems to be one of those things that can take a while to find.

I don’t have any control over this as we’re both at the mercy of his biology and how he recovers after the transplant. But I miss him horrendously and the single greatest Birthday present I could ask for is for him to be released and come home.

On a serious note though, you really don’t realise how much you care for and love someone until you’re separated under circumstances that you can’t control. I’ve been seeing a video like this on Facebook where the guy neglects his wife because he works all the time; she wants to go to brunch the next day and he’s like “yeah whatever” and goes off to work. She then dies that day in a horrible car accident and he comes home after being told to see a card telling him she’s pregnant and can’t wait for their brunch date. He’s all crying because he realised how much he loved her and now he’ll never see her again..

I didn’t have quite the same reaction as everyone else seemed to to this because I already know what that’s like. No, our separation isn’t permanent but we’ve been forced into a circumstance what has made us have some very painful and real conversations about life and death and have had to really consider what life would be like without the other. As a result, we spend every day making sure the other knows just how important they are and even the smallest gestures do not go unnoticed in this house. No-one is taken for granted and we both put the other first in everything. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t wait for something horrible to happen before you consider what you have and how lucky you are. Remember it every day because I can’t wait for my other half to come home just so I can ask him how his damn day was and what he wants for dinner. Haha.

Scary but worth a try I think. I’ve felt like my blog is too small or my following isn’t large enough to warrant me reaching out to brands. But I’m part of a few Facebook groups where others ask these questions a lot and they’re always encouraged to go for it. “Don’t ask, don’t get” as they say. So I’m going to compile myself a letter/email and send it out to a few brand I’d love to work with. Hopefully I’ll get a positive response and who knows.. it could be the best thing I do! Fingers crossed.

I don’t really spend a huge amount of time on Twitter. I never really have anything interesting to say and certainly don’t have enough to talk about that I can update people with very few hours, like some people do. But social media is really important if you have a blog and I’m learning as I go along. There is a huge amount of support for bloggers on Twitter (old and new) and the community really seems to come together there. So I’m going to try and be more active and increase my 931 follower to (hopefully) 1000 by the end of March. I hit the 2k milestone on Instagram so I don’t think I’m aiming too high for this goal.

So that’s about all I have planned for March. Did you hit your targets? How was your month? Did you do anything interesting.. maybe you have a Valentine’s day story to share? Let me know in the comment below!

Until next time ♡

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  • Nicolette posted on March 1, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Cheering Karne on from here! ❤️❤️ I really want to start saving but really tough on my income and with my bills. I have sold items on eBay before and it feels great to just get rid of stuff I don’t need and get paid for it!
    Nicolette |

  • Rachel posted on March 1, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    Hi I really like your blog. Hoping Karne recovers quickly, it must be so tough on you to be separated. Good luck with your March goals – I love how honest you were about reflecting on your February goals. I’ll follow you on Twitter – I love the platform but I use it for B2B client stuff not so much blogging.

  • Holly posted on March 2, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    I love your goals! I have been selling some stuff on eBay too! It’s a good way of having a clear out! xx

  • Daniela posted on March 2, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Look at you killing it with your goals, girl! You’re going to crush them!

  • Tia | Filtercrave posted on March 2, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    I saw you were talking about investing in lighting for photography. If you’re looking for close to professional level strobe lighting, I would recommend Paul C Buff’s Alienbee lights. They are so amazing and easy to use. And compared to other professional strobes, they are super affordable. You can check out alienbees here:

    You can achieve a lot with just one or two lights so it may be a great investment. Good luck with your goals!

    – Tia |

  • Denay DeGuzman posted on March 3, 2018 at 7:37 am

    What a great set of goals for the month of March. Keep moving forward and you’ll accomplish all of them. I absolutely think you should begin reaching out to brands!

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