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May Goals

Hello, hello, hello! We’re now moving into May and time for another goal post (get it?). The weather seems to be picking up with the UK set to be hotter than Ibiza for the bank holiday weekend and I’ve always found it to be a good month in the past. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint this year!

Did I make any progress on my April goals? I’m not confident. I’ve been very spaced out the last couple of weeks. I had to change my medication and I felt like I was on another planet half the time. I was so sound and light sensitive that even Karne talking was like a marching band in my ears! So that was fun… Fortunately, that’s subsided quite a bit now but I couldn’t really focus enough to make much of an effort; but let us recap anyway!

 Pass My Training ♡

Training has been a little bit of a nightmare. Not because of anything too serious, there have just been an awful lot of system issues with the new account. We should have been done by now and on the phones and be working as normal… but there have just been so many problems it’s delayed everything. I’m not complaining too though! We were given a week off work paid and most of this week off paid as well. I’m in no real hurry either, just eager to get back into the swing of my part-time hours. Goodness me, I miss those!

 Finish My Book 

I’m about 20 pages from the end. So I’m gonna call this a success. I’ve loved every minute of reading that book – it’s educational, funny, shocking and sometimes downright weird. But that’s Greek Mythology for you! I’ve learnt a lot about what aspects of their history we still use today and where a lot of phrases and words come from. It’s nice to read something and get an “ahhhh!!” moment as well. So if you like history/mythology/Stephen Fry and a good laugh I highly recommend you read Mythos. You’ll thank me later.

 Be More Positive 

Still applying this to as many situations as I can. I could have gotten very anxious and annoyed about the whole training issue, but I didn’t. Obviously, the free week off helped somewhat but I could have swung the other way and gotten really restless and whatnot. But I have noticed my mood has improved and even though I’ve felt run down quite a lot lately… it’s not been having the usual effect on me. So that’s good!

 Finish My Blog Audit 

It took me forever but I got it done! It was pretty frustrating when I couldn’t get the green lights on all of my posts (if you have a YOAST plugin you’ll know what I mean). But some of my posts just weren’t gonna flow right if I changed them too much… the wedding blogs for example. But I got it done and my SEO has improved and I’ve been hearing from a lot more brands since doing it. So it was definitely worth doing. Time and effort well spent I think.

Given I didn’t really spend much thought on my goals themselves, I did pretty well and I’m happy with that! April came and went so quickly, as most months do. You blink and they’re over. But like I said, I couldn’t follow what day of the week it was most of the time… so seeing that I did most of what I set out to do has made me feel good.

I’m not planning anything elaborate of massively exciting for May. May is a “take it easy” month. The sun starts to come out… everyone seems to brighten up because the days are longer… the flowers are properly out, so I’m gonna keep this month’s goals nice and chilled. Nothing too focused, nothing high shooting. I’ve decided on:

I’ve decided to change the format of these posts. They get too long for my liking! So I’ll update you on the whys and whats when we review next month.

Until next time ♡


    • Do you have YOAST as a plugin? It basically gives you pointers to improve your blog SEO and general writing style. So it was a lot of re-writing to make things easier to read, ensuring there were common words associated with the post, internal and external links… all that kind of stuff xx

  1. Love those goals! I need to review mine. Already. I saw that you did your audit through YOAST. Do you know if you can do it through another programme? I’m not self-hosted or anything, but it sounds like a brilliant idea!

    xo, Victoria

    • I’m not sure what you can use if you’re not self-hosting. But I’m sure there will be something!
      It’s really made a difference though. My DA has gone up and I’m getting a steady flow of new traffic. So it’s definitely worth doing!

      Laura xx