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May Tarot ⋆ Were The Cards Right?

Welcome to May’s tarot. When I pulled my annual reading the Knight of Swords was the one that was assigned to me for this month. Again, I’m having real trouble remember what happened for a lot of the past few weeks. I think it’s been so overwhelming for me I’ve done that thing I always do and blocked/erased a lot of it from my mind. Strange that this keeps happening. Anyway, onwards…

Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

Keywords – Action, Impulsiveness, Ambition

The Knight of Swords is a card that seems to have a double meaning. One of ambition and drive, but also impulsive and miscalculated risks. There are so many variations to what this card depicts that it’s been hard for me to condense it down. So I have found a quote which seems to explain it better than I can on this occasion:

“When we are thoroughly obsessed by a certain idea and strongly wish to manifest it, we are oftentimes so blinded by the actual desire for its fulfilment that we fail to note the difficulties which we may come across or the actions and consequences that it could bring. The Knight of Swords is a very powerful figure that is full of life as well as energy. This needs to be balanced with a proper and actual realization of compassion and responsibility” – Quoted from Labyrinthos

My Thoughts

There’s nothing in my mind that is flashing up, and that’s frustrating me somewhat. The Knight of Swords tends to reflect on a time where you have new projects or idea’s in the pipeline. Again, there was some work stuff, but nothing that was significant enough for me to tied it down to this card. I was still in training and becoming slightly frustrated with the lack of momentum that seemed to be occurring. But I kept that to myself because it wouldn’t benefit anyone to air my frustration. But I really can’t marry it up with anything, and this card does seem completely irrelevant. Unless there is something I am not recognising in myself, I would say this is a bit of a swing and a miss.

Until next time! ♡