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Stars Aligned ⋆ Modern Map Art

I remember looking up at the sky on my wedding night, it was clear and the stars were out in force. I was thinking “I want to somehow freeze this moment”. Without all the gushing and sentimentality of it all, I’d felt like all the stars and planets had aligned and I was right where I should be.

I have hundreds of photos and keepsakes; I’ve dried and framed my bouquet and my wedding dress was boxed and stored forever, but I wanted to have something that would always take me back to that moment and was lost for any ideas.

Until now!

Every so often I will be approached by a company who would like me to review their products and share it with my readers. Most of the time I say no because let’s face it, dash cams and baby thermometers aren’t really applicable to my ‘niche’. I say this so you know that I’m being transparent and that this is something I genuinely want to share with you all!

Jennifer at Modern Map Art got in touch and basically said: “hey, I like your style… wanna review one of our maps?”. I was really intrigued and so I spent some time taking a look through their products to see if there was anything that would pique my interest.

phone casesskyline artmap cushions




I found they do everything from phone cases, map cushions and custom skyline prints. And a lot of it is customisable too, which is pretty cool! But I settled on the Star Map. A print of the night sky exactly as it was when and where we were married. What could be more perfect?

I was unsure of the process, but it was very simple! The website tells you exactly what it needs to make it your own. You just enter the details of the day, the location and can customise it to your preference. Everything from the colours, constellations and coordinates! Jennifer was kind enough to do a mock-up for mine. The title I wanted was a tiny bit too long for what the website allows, but this was my preview and I was so excited!

my custom star map

star map

I can just imagine this being an amazing gift for a birthday, anniversary, christening… anything. It’s thoughtful, sentimental, unique and completely individual to that person. That’s a winning combination if you ask me.

I chose a white 16x20in poster with a navy blue map, font and border. I thought it was really pretty and a little different from a standard black and white print. ‘Modern serif eroded’ was my font of choice, as it complimented the map really well. All that was left was the location of our wedding, the date, and the coordinates to finish. Given that this came from the States, I was amazingly surprised when it turned up less than 3 days after I received my mock-up!

My print is now proudly displayed at the bottom of my stairs and looks amazing against the grey walls. Irritatingly, it was very hard to get a shot of it without a reflection, but I did my best. It looks so good and I am so happy with it. It would have made the perfect wedding anniversary gift, but I was too excited!

If you want to get your hands on one, and I highly recommend that you do, you can get 15% off using my referral link [ CLICK HERE ]

Until next time ♡

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  1. O these are beautiful! I’ve been looking for some new throw pillows I’ll check it out! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so cool! I am interested to get one for myself. We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary in September and this would be a nice gift to commemorate our special day!

  3. This is such a good idea!! Would make the perfect gift for someone. I remember one of the most insane skies I saw was when I went camping a few years ago and I wish I could have snapshotted it – this would be perfect!

    The Sweet SF x