lifestyle, personal September Tarot ⋆ Were The Cards Right? 7th October 2018

My Tarot for September was The Sun. It’s a powerful and very positive card in the Major Arcana and welcome in any reading. The Sun, to me, has many different meanings and represents many different things. Some, in particular, are success, happiness and positivity.

The Sun

Golden Thread Tarot - The Sun

Keywords – Positivity, Joy, Success, Celebration

The most obvious meaning to me is that if you have been doing through a difficult or turbulent time, the message is that things are going to get better, and soon. There is light at the end of the tunnel and the worst has almost passed. For me, it’s a relief to receive such a sign and falls well within our circumstances and what has happened this past year.

“The Sun is the card of happiness. If The Sun falls in your Tarot reading, good things are going to happen in your love life, relationships, friendships, career and life in general. You can look forward to the future if The Sun is in it; it predicts good outcomes and everything going to plan. For the time The Sun represents, you can expect a content future.”
Divination and Fortune Telling

This card also suggests that people are drawn to you lately because you can always see the light in the dark, the good in the bad and the silver lining in most situations. You radiate positivity and have the ability to project this on others. A quality that seems hard to come by in our turbulent and ever-changing world.

My Thoughts

I’ve had several conversations throughout September where people have openly commemorated me on my strength and positivity despite circumstances in my life. It’s a quality I’ve obtained through very difficult situations and having to relinquish control because I have had absolutely none. It was up to fate and I had to trust it would be alright in the end. That’s something I was never able to do before and when I think about it, this has spilt into my everyday life.

Just the other day I got caught in a 6hr traffic jam. A 4hr round trip took me a total of 9hrs! I was running low on fuel, couldn’t get off the M25 and my car was beeping at me every 15 minutes. But rather than be super pissed about it and angry, I was pretty nonchalant and very chilled out. Go back 5yrs and I’d of been having a panic attack at the wheel and putting my fists through the dashboard. So I’ve grown and it’s not just me who has noticed this.

In my last post I mentioned that I’ve felt a lot better physically and mentally due to the break I had with my Husband. I was able to switch off, get away and hit the reboot button on myself. I came back re-energized and revitalised, which are also keywords that represent The Sun tarot. So yeah, actually, I’d say the universe nailed it for September!

Until next time ♡

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