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So You Wanna Win Loads of Stuff?

I recently won an amazing giveaway in which the prize was over £250 worth of makeup goodies from an upcoming brand/online store. I then started to get a lot of questions like “how do you win so much?”, “where do you find all these competitions” and the general “you’re SO lucky!” or “I never win anything!”.  I’m really not lucky at all, I just enter a shit tonne of competitions if I’m frank.  And if I ask people if they entered, their usual answer is no.  So there’s your problem straight away.  You’ve gotta be in it to win it!  It’s that simple!

I think I’ve been properly “comping” for around a year and a half now and I’ve won at least £1500 worth of stuff.  Sometimes it’s as silly as a cereal bowl and a box of Rice Crispies, right up to £400 cash.  But it takes a bit of time and the more often you do it, the more often you win and I promise eventually you will.  I generally try to get a few in on my lunch break or after work.  I have 3 websites I tend to stick too to locate them and auto-fill on google is my best friend because it saves SO much time from having to type in all your details over and over again.

So here’s a few tips I’ve got for you all!

Enter – golden rule.  Enter.  You can’t win anything if you don’t.  It may seem like a lot of effort, but a few clicks and typing a few words isn’t really time consuming.
Get a dedicated email address – you’re going to get a lot of spam.  Fucking loads of it.  So don’t use your good email address to do it.  If you don’t mind it, then go ahead, but I personally set up a second email address and use that for all my comp entries.  It just means it’s all in one place and my other account for personal use isn’t flooded with junk mail.  Don’t forget to check your junk mail for winner emails, because sometimes they get marked accidentally and you might miss out.
Auto-fill – use it.  It will save you a lot of time and from getting finger cramp.
Survey/fake comps – stay away from them.  They’re a waste of time and they just want your details to sell you crap you don’t want.  I know what I’m looking for so I can spot them a mile off.  But to save any newbies from giving up all their precious information and having to do a survey that ultimately gets you nowhere, I’ll give you a list of the ones I exit straight away.  Don’t both with,,, or any casino or betting type websites.

I never sign up to anything that isn’t the direct host, if that makes sense?  And I never sign up to competitions that want just your mobile number because they charge you extortionate fees and you get totally ripped off.

As I said before I’ve got 3 main websites that I use to find competitions and I do generally check them daily.  But I also enter a lot of twitter competitions just by searching #win, #winitwednesday or #freebiefriday.. you get the gist.  My comp site holy grail is:

UKcompetitions – if you sign up, it lets you log what you’ve entered so you don’t just duplicate the same ones over and over, and it’s updated daily and almost everything is listed on there.
Competitions-Time – I like this one because if you have to answer a question to enter, they give the answer beforehand.  So it’s nice and straight forward.  Usually lists facebook and twitter comps but it’s also updated daily and a good one if you only want to check for a few minutes.
ThePrizeFinder – another one where pretty much every comp on the internet for the UK is listed. I just hit ‘new competitions’ and enter whatever interested me for the day and work backwards if I may have missed any.

So there you have it, my secret is no secret at all!  Just make a habit of it, check things daily and just go for it.  You have nothing to lose and if it bugs people on your social media then they can unfollow you, who cares.
I’d love to hear if you have any hints and tips of your own – or if you have other websites you might recommend. Let me know in the comments! ♡