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How We Found Out He Was Sick

Grab yourself a tea or coffee and get comfy, because this will be a long'en! It's been a while since I've updated on this. Things have been very up and down. We've had victories, we've had huge setbacks, we've had new scares. Things are much better now, but we're by no means at the end of this ... READ the POST

Life Update: Health, Wedding, Job

I've gone a little MIA recently. Around 3 weeks, which in blogger time is an eternity. Sorry about that! The last few have just sucked. Life dropped a big stinking bag of crap on us just as we were getting ourselves together. Always the way right? So apologies for that, but I will give you a brief ... READ the POST

Life Update

I've been getting asked again lately how Karne's getting on and I've asked him if I can share an update everyone since he's gone a little quiet on the ol' social media.  He was supposed to make a video to upload but he's a lazy ass and hasn't gotten around to it.  Sorry in advance if this is an ... READ the POST