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The Lost Art of Writing Letters

In this day and age, we are surrounded by digital interaction. It's either through social media, texts, emails or images like Snapchat or Instagram. Everyone is behind a screen and an arm's length away. There is little to no personal contact anymore, and besides a face to face conversation, one of ... READ the POST

Stars Aligned ⋆ Modern Map Art

I remember looking up at the sky on my wedding night, it was clear and the stars were out in force. I was thinking "I want to somehow freeze this moment". Without all the gushing and sentimentality of it all, I'd felt like all the stars and planets had aligned and I was right where I should be. I ... READ the POST

Festival Fashion On A Budget

The festival season is in full swing and with it comes festival fashion. I love nothing more than being in a field full of like-minded music lovers and can't wait until I can go again! But festivals aren't just known for their music anymore, a big thing that has come out of it is festival fashion. ... READ the POST

Balm Balm ⋆ Organic Skincare Review

I have two products to review for you today! Balm Balm was another brand that was introduced to me through a cruelty-free subscription box and have become quite a staple in my skincare routine. I find their products gentle but effective, so it was a real pleasure to be able to choose a couple of ... READ the POST

What Makes The Perfect Gift? ⋆ ft. JORD Wooden Watches

☆ this is a collaboration, however, all views and opinions remain my own ☆ Mothers Day has been and gone for us in the UK, but it's fast approaching for those over the pond and you may even have a birthday coming up or just fancy a present for yourself… but what do you give someone that’s really ... READ the POST

Hallelujah Hair Oil

I am always on the hunt for new cruelty-free brands and products which can sometimes be hard to find, so when I came across this gem on Instagram I couldn't help but reach out to them! Luckily for me Forest & Shore were happy for me review their Hallelujah Hair Oil and I was thrilled! I received ... READ the POST