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Why I Gave Up Meat

I was aware of what happens to animals for the sake of our taste buds and I'm ashamed to say I chose to ignore it. I ignored it because it was easier for me to eat what was easily accessible and look the other way. It would be a hassle to change my ways and become vegetarian, right? I figured my ... READ the POST

Cruelty-Free Christmas Calendars

☆ This post contains affiliate links ☆ You know Christmas is looming when the John Lewis advert makes an appearance and advent calendars pop up! And the countdown well and truly begins when you get your hands on one. Chocolate or otherwise. These have become a pretty big thing amongst the beauty ... READ the POST

Animals Are Not Sentient?

"Sentient - able to perceive or feel things. synonyms: feeling, capable of feeling, living, live;" As someone who lives cruelty-free lifestyle and has strong opinions on animals right, I feel the need to express my rage and disappointment over the uneducated and shocking decisions that have ... READ the POST

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

Here's another one you. I told you I was behind! This is the quarterly beauty box from The Vegan Kind. If you haven't checked them out already, I recommend that you do! Their site is rammed with vegan foods and beauty products, so consider it your online vegan/cruelty free supermarket. 20p from ... READ the POST

The PIP Box – July

This months Pip box is all about "summer in full swing" ranging from glitter pots to facial mists. I've got a least 3 subscription boxes to share with you (I'm so behind!) so I'm gonna jump straight in and get you up to speed! WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Balm Balm Rose Toning Mist (RRP ... READ the POST

Barry M Matte Me Up Metallics

Metallic liquid lipsticks have been all over Instagram lately. I've been curious because I'm a complete magpie and if it's shiny then I'm going want it. I love matte liquid lipsticks, but I refuse to pay £20 for them. Fortunately, Barry M have released their own version and I was excited to give it ... READ the POST