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Happily Ever Gardiner ⋆ Part Three

I was being badgered by my brother to finish my wedding blog and made a special promise to get it done! So here it is, the final instalment of my 'Happily Ever Gardiner' series. At the end of the last post, we had walked into the marquee after being introduced as the new Mr and Mrs Gardiner and sat ... READ the POST

April Goals

Hello! Welcome to another monthly goals post. March went by in a flash and we're now into April. How is it the second quarter of the year already?! Nothing majorly exciting to relay to you guys. It was my birthday.. that was about it besides getting the other half back 😅. But we'll catch up on last ... READ the POST

February Tarot ⋆ Were The Cards Right?

Time for some tarot reflection! I'm glad I'm doing this little series because it's interesting to look back on. Others are finding it interesting as well because they can see for themselves if there's anything to it. Let's get into it! III of Swords Keywords - Heartbreak, Separation, ... READ the POST

March Goals

February kinda sucked so I'm curious to see if I actually hit any of my goals. Karne went into the hospital for his stem cell transplant so I've been pretty bummed out. Hopefully, this is the final uphill struggle and we can start to see a bright cancer-free future. Keep everything crossed ... READ the POST

2k?! No Way!

I woke up the other day and realised I had hit a pretty big milestone on Instagram. 2000 followers! I am so happy and thankful for each and every one of you who hit that button. Instagram is so important for blog traffic and most of mine is driven from there. We all know the followers game people ... READ the POST

Happily Ever Gardiner ⋆ Part Two

I hope you all enjoyed Part One of my wedding series! We’ll be touching on the ceremony and some of the reception here. I don't think there's going be a lot to say as the pictures will do most of the talking for me so I'll do my best to tell the story with those. Welcome to Part Two! We left off ... READ the POST