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December Goals

I can't quite believe that we're in our final weeks of 2017 and it's time for a goals review again! As typical as it is to say, it has just zoomed by and this month I'm sure will be no exception. Especially since I get married a couple of weeks – eek! I'm going to be an actual Mrs. That's going to ... READ the POST

Animals Are Not Sentient?

"Sentient - able to perceive or feel things. synonyms: feeling, capable of feeling, living, live;" As someone who lives cruelty-free lifestyle and has strong opinions on animals right, I feel the need to express my rage and disappointment over the uneducated and shocking decisions that have ... READ the POST

Life Update: Health, Wedding, Job

I've gone a little MIA recently. Around 3 weeks, which in blogger time is an eternity. Sorry about that! The last few have just sucked. Life dropped a big stinking bag of crap on us just as we were getting ourselves together. Always the way right? So apologies for that, but I will give you a brief ... READ the POST

November Goals

Hello, November *waves*. This year is rapidly coming to a close and it's now time to reflect on October's goals. It was a rough month. I tripped up and fall apart a little bit. But I'm a big girl and picked myself up and brushed it off pretty quickly. Let's take a look and see if I actually managed ... READ the POST

August Goals

August is here and it seems that Summer has well and truly buggered off! It's currently chucking it down with rain and the sun is becoming more and more scarce these days. But that also means by favourite season is around the corner and I can bust out the hoodies, boots, comfy jumpers, scarves and ... READ the POST

6 Things I’ve Learned in the Last 6 Months

It's the 1st of July and this year just seems to be roaring past. So I wanted to take this as an opportunity to reflect and see what I've learned in the last 6 months. I've tried to practice seeing the good in the bad and the beautiful in the ugly and just trying to accept things for what they are. ... READ the POST