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Life Update

I've been getting asked again lately how Karne's getting on and I've asked him if I can share an update everyone since he's gone a little quiet on the ol' social media.  He was supposed to make a video to upload but he's a lazy ass and hasn't gotten around to it.  Sorry in advance if this is an ... READ the POST

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

I was inspired to do this one by a campaign I've seen going around on social media - #BareYourSole. People share things that make them happy and things that others may not know about them that might be quirky, fun, random or disgusting.  So figured it would make for a good post. So here we go; 10 ... READ the POST

Being Happy

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and it may sound very obvious and unimaginative, but I've made the decision to let myself "be happy", and to appreciate all that I have. Again, not an original concept I know.. but it's actually a pretty big leap for me. Mainly because, like a lot of ... READ the POST

Mental Health #TimetoTalk

February 2nd is #TimeToTalk day and it's aimed at bringing those who are hiding their very real mental problems from those closest to them and encouraging them to talk about it, as well as for those who have concerns about another person and advising them to simply ask "how are you?" I wanted ... READ the POST

Haunted By The Homeless

There are a few things that occur on this Earth that I cannot tolerate. One is animal cruelty, one is discrimination against anyone or anything and the final one is homelessness. In this century it should absolutely not be a reality for anyone. There is no excuse. Just play the video I've included ... READ the POST

I Got Engaged!

I got engaged! Ahhhh! I'm so excited and I still can't believe it. I just had to share the news with everyone. Christmas is a magical time of year on its own. But Christmas morning this year was something else! My boyfriend and I opened our presents and had a Christmas film on in the ... READ the POST