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WTF Is Fibromyalgia?

Get comfy, because this is going to be a long one... Where to start? Fibromyalgia is a fancy word has been given some attention lately because of Lady Gaga's “FIVE FOOT TWO” documentary. More people are associating themselves as either having it or trying to find out more about it. This is great ... READ the POST

January Goals

January is a time for resolutions resolutions and goal setting. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Mine was pretty special and didn't disappoint! It was stressful, busy, fun, memorable and every time I think back I have a huge smile on my face! I hope it was the same for you too! I ... READ the POST

December Goals

I can't quite believe that we're in our final weeks of 2017 and it's time for a goals review again! As typical as it is to say, it has just zoomed by and this month I'm sure will be no exception. Especially since I get married a couple of weeks – eek! I'm going to be an actual Mrs. That's going to ... READ the POST

November Goals

Hello, November *waves*. This year is rapidly coming to a close and it's now time to reflect on October's goals. It was a rough month. I tripped up and fall apart a little bit. But I'm a big girl and picked myself up and brushed it off pretty quickly. Let's take a look and see if I actually managed ... READ the POST

World Mental Health Day

October 10th is World Mental Health day and is a really great way to show your support for those suffering with Mental Health issues and also for taking the time to focus and reflect on your own well being. I personally struggle with Anxiety, Depression and a crippling lack of self confidence. My ... READ the POST

Being Happy

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and it may sound very obvious and unimaginative, but I've made the decision to let myself "be happy", and to appreciate all that I have. Again, not an original concept I know.. but it's actually a pretty big leap for me. Mainly because, like a lot of ... READ the POST