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May Goals

Hello, hello, hello! We're now moving into May and time for another goal post (get it?). The weather seems to be picking up with the UK set to be hotter than Ibiza for the bank holiday weekend and I've always found it to be a good month in the past. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint this year! Did I ... READ the POST

April Goals

Hello! Welcome to another monthly goals post. March went by in a flash and we're now into April. How is it the second quarter of the year already?! Nothing majorly exciting to relay to you guys. It was my birthday.. that was about it besides getting the other half back ๐Ÿ˜…. But we'll catch up on last ... READ the POST

March Goals

February kinda sucked so I'm curious to see if I actually hit any of my goals.ย Karne went into the hospital for his stem cell transplant so I've been pretty bummed out. Hopefully, this is the final uphill struggle and we can start to see a bright cancer-free future. Keep everything crossed ... READ the POST

February Goals

Welcome back to my goals series! And congratulations everyone - you survivedย  the January "blues". I hope you all had a good one? I'm glad to say I actually had a pretty good month overall! Our wedding photographer surprised us with the most beautiful wedding video that had me in tears! I was so ... READ the POST

January Goals

January is a time for resolutions resolutions and goal setting. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Mine was pretty special and didn't disappoint! It was stressful, busy, fun, memorable and every time I think back I have a huge smile on my face! I hope it was the same for you too! I ... READ the POST

December Goals

I can't quite believe that we're in our final weeks of 2017 and it's time for a goals review again! As typical as it is to say, it has just zoomed by and this month I'm sure will be no exception. Especially since I get married a couple of weeks โ€“ eek! I'm going to be an actual Mrs. That's going to ... READ the POST