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Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

Tarte have just released their long awaited and highly anticipated Shape Tape Foundation and the world seems to have lost it’s collective sh*t over it. It’s release comes nearly a year after their Shape Tape concealer came out which is apparently a favourite among beauty gurus and the rest of us mortals alike, I personally haven’t tried it myself but maybe I’ll be swayed after trying the foundation out.

Tarte products aren’t easily accessible in the UK and can come with a hefty shipping charge – so I decided to hang back and wait until there was a free shipping offer on their site and was eager to grab it for myself when one appeared.

I’m still trying to find a cruelty-free replacement for the Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Foundation and Concealer but there hasn’t been one that has even come close. That stuff was the mother of all foundations and it was my holy grail. So it’s been a long and expensive task trying to find something to take it’s place and I was really hoping this would be it.

♡ WHAT IS IT? ♡shape tape foundation

It comes in two formula’s Matte and Hydrating. They each have their own benefits and will depend on the personal preference of the wearer. I have combination skin so I tend to lean towards Matte finishes because it helps to vanquish and control shine.

The matte formulation is a completely vegan, oil-free, waterproof, full coverage foundation that helps to minimise pores, reduce shine with a creamy and matte finish texture. The hydration version is an oil-free, gel based, hypoallergenic foundation that helps to hydrate and smooth the skin. So if you prefer a dewy finish, this is the one for you.


☑ Vegan
☑ Cruelty-free and PETA certified
☑ Full coverage
☑ Long lasting wear
☑ Oil-Free
☑ Infused with Vitamin E
☑ Paraben, alcohol and nasty stuff free


The packaging is very nice. I love the gold and and purple chevron details on the lid and the bottle is a nice size with a matte finish to the glass; it makes it feel luxurious and expensive which let’s be honest, at £35.00 – it is. I prefer a pump style dispenser personally because it means there is very little wastage, so I would have liked to see that on this to ensure you get your monies worth!

Buying online from overseas is always a gamble. If the colour is wrong you either have to send it back with a pricey return receipt or you have to make do and feel dissatisfied. I have an what I like to call a Goldilocks skin tone. I’m fair but some shades are way too pale and lights can be too dark, but there are also warm undertones to my skin so I need something that’s “just right” and can adjust to me.

I generally have to mix my own to get a good match however I went for the fair-light-neutral based on the “find your shade” quiz Tarte have on their website and fortunately it was a perfect colour choice. I don’t think I’ve ever found a colour so similar to my skin tone before, so I was super happy!


It comes with a little doe foot applicator which is the same as the Clinique one I used to swear by. I do like these a lot as you can be specific with where and how much you put on your face. It also makes it really easy to build up if you need it and the consistency was very similar to the Beyond Perfecting foundation too so I knew a little would go a long way.

I always tone, cleanse and moisturise my skin first before go in with a primer. My favourite being the ELF Blemish Control Primer. It’s cheap and it works amazingly well! A close contender is the Smashbox Photo Finish one, but seeing as it’s around £20 more expensive than the ELF primer I just can justify buying it anymore when it does the same thing.

I applied a little in all the usual places – two swipes on the cheeks, forehead, down the nose, etc. Usually I blend out with a wet Beauty Blender but I’ve started to use my Spectrum B01 brush a lot lately so decided to trail it with this instead. It would be a good test to see how it well it actually blends out without the help of a sponge and I’m glad to say they worked very well together! Remember this a full coverage foundation so seeing as you only need a little I was very happy with the outcome. It was up to my hard to meet standards and I didn’t expect that. I didn’t even feel the need to apply any concealer as this has done a well enough job on it’s own.

To finish I set with a translucent power and my go to being the W7 Set It Up Special FX Powder. At less than a fiver it’s a cheap and cheerful dupe of the NYX Studio Finishing Powder which I used to use religiously.


Foundation is nice when you first put it on, but the real test is how it copes during the day. You want to know whether it creases, transfers, cakes, or if the oil-control works. Needless to say when I try a new foundation I’m dubious about these things. They always let me down, so I was shocked with how well this handled everyday life!

This didn’t cake or gather around my nose, ot didn’t crease under my eyes, it didn’t migrate across my forehead. It literally didn’t budge all day. And because you only need a little you don’t feel like you’ve got anything on. And I definitely didn’t get that feeling you sometimes have when you put on a thicker foundation. You know the one I mean.

The icing on the cake was the shine control. My skin was matte from when I put it on in the morning, right up to when I took it off at night. No touch ups of powder or blotting required. Hurray!


I’m not gunna beat around the bush here.. it’s my new favourite. I finally found a cruelty-free version of my beloved Clinique foundation that broke my heart to throw away. It’s taken 3yrs to find one and it’s been knocked it off it’s pedestal. Shape Tape has proudly taken it’s place.

The only things I would change is the bottle/dispenser to reduce wastage and for it to include an SPF. That is BASIC skincare and should be included for this price if you ask me.

If you have oily/combination skin, like a matte finish, full coverage with minimal product application then this is the one. It absolutely worth the money and Tarte get a ginormous gold star from me!

Let me know if you’ve tried the Hydration version, I’d love to hear what people think of it! And of course your thoughts on this one if you’ve grabbed a bottle for yourself!

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  1. I’ve heard good things about this foundation, but I’m not sure my skin likes Tarte. I just started using a Tarte tinted moisturizer a few weeks ago and my skin broke out instantly. I’m STILL trying to get it back on track and I’m not even using the moisturizer anymore haha so it’s quite upsetting. I have another foundation by Tarte as well which I don’t think had a bad reaction, but I don’t remember. I’ve been too scared to use it haha

    • Awh that’s such a shame! I hate it when you try something new and it causes breakouts. I had that with an Urban Decay foundation, I forget which one. Had to throw it away and I was gutted. x

  2. So glad to hear that you love it. My daughter is obsessed with the concealer so I know she will want this foundation for sure! Great review!

  3. The benefits are amazing! Love how they care about what goes into their products!

    • I might be hopping onto their concealer bandwagon after trying the foundation. I absolutely love it – so if it’s anything like this I’ll have found my one true love in concealer form too, haha.

      Laura x

  4. I can’t wait to try this foundation myself! I am so really fair so I am excited to see how it blends and color matches to my skin.

    • They have tonnes of shades to choose from. I have a light skin tone but fairs can be too light and lights can be too dark for me – so the fact they have an inbetweener for people like me is a huge bonus!

      I’m sure you’ll find a colour match with them. Good luck if you go for it, and let me know how it is?!

      Laura x