lifestyle Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out 4th June 2017

I know it’s coming, I’ve seen it already.  But please, don’t be that person who start’s posting utter bullshit about how every Muslim needs deporting and they’re all scum and the borders need closing. Don’t be so ignorant, because that doesn’t solve the problem!

What’s happening can occur anywhere. On home soil, overseas, in your home town or in your kids bedroom. A good number of what’s happened has been done by born and bred British people, or people who have legally obtained citizenship.
Muslims and “foreigners” as people like to brand them are NOT the problem. Radicalism is. It is that simple. True people of Muslim faith do not support what has been happening and you can see they are as horrified, if not more so, than we are. They refuse to deal with the body of the bomber in Manchester because they don’t consider him or his actions as part of their community. What does that tell you?!

One of the sweetest people I’ve ever met in my life is a converted Muslim. She was kind, gentle, understanding and had no problem with anyone asking questions. She radiated peace and love. And I can safely say I haven’t experienced that from anyone else in my lifetime.

Please just consider your words before you hit the ‘enter’ key. Please just take a second to think about what you’re saying before you say it. Please don’t be that ignorant moron who fuels the hatred and directs it at people who don’t deserve it.
It breaks my heart and I know a lot of it is knee jerk reaction because it’s easier to digest the madness when there’s a source to blame. But do not point the finger at the innocent who could be your doctor, your child’s teacher, your midwife, your electrician, your baker, the person in customer service on the end of the phone, the scientist working to cure cancer, the politician fighting for your rights.

I would hate to be ‘them’ this morning, because I know I’d be walking into a shit storm of hate, abuse, judgement, threats and potentially violence when it wasn’t even me who participated or even condoned/agreed with what was done. NO-ONE deserves to be made to feel that way, especially not what when it hasn’t got a damn thing to do with them.

Think before you speak and blame only the person responsible and the small minority of those who agreed with their acts for what happened. It doesn’t concern anyone else. 😣😢

Peace x

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