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The 4 Best Ways To Display Your Wedding Photos

One of the most precious things that you can get from your wedding is the photos. These photos can basically last forever, as long as you keep them properly. Most people keep them in an album, but you definitely have a few other choices when it comes to displaying your wedding pictures. Today, we will discuss how you can creatively display your wedding photos after your big day at a romantic wedding venue in Kent.

Put them in Frames

This one’s a great idea if you are planning on moving to a new house and you still don’t have a lot of decorations to put up. You can buy a whole set of frames to put some of your most beautiful wedding photos in.
If you want a “cleaner” aesthetic, then make sure to buy the same designs and sizes when it comes to the frames. You can also simply hang the wedding photos on your wall without the frames, but it’s now always the best idea since they will be exposed to dirt and dust. They’d be protected a lot better if you put them in frames before hanging them up.

Use them on your Thank you Cards

If you want to say your thank yous to your friends and family after the wedding, then have a personalised thank you card made by a professional. You can choose a few of your best wedding photos and have them printed on the cards. This way, your friends and family can display your wedding photos in their own homes as well! Don’t forget to print a few for your own house too, so you can get to display them on your shelves or even on the fridge!

As a Window Frame

You can get a little bit more creative by using your wedding photos as a make-believe window frame. This adds a rustic and bohemian feel to your home without having to put too much effort in! You can have some of your favourite photos printed with a vintage window frame, and once that’s done, you can simply hang it on your wall. This will give your home a nice and homey vibe without you having to exert too much effort on it!

Print them on Mugs

Another great way to display your wedding photos is by printing them on mugs. You can even give some away to your friends and family as a token of appreciation for attending your wedding! This one’s a great way to make use of your wedding photos. And you’d get to see your favourite photos in the morning, which is definitely an amazing pick-me-up during early mornings!

There’s endless ways to display and make use of your wedding photos, and you definitely should try some! It would be such a shame and a waste to just store your wedding photos somewhere they will never be seen, so go ahead and put them on display so other people could appreciate them, too!

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