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In this day and age, we are surrounded by digital interaction. It’s either through social media, texts, emails or images like Snapchat or Instagram. Everyone is behind a screen and an arm’s length away. There is little to no personal contact anymore, and besides a face to face conversation, one of the most personal and underrated methods of communication was writing letters.

It’s all virtual and intangible

A lost art and an alien concept to many is the handwritten letter. It’s a unique experience we’ve been desensitized to. It engages most of the senses and there isn’t really anything else that does that anymore. Writing a letter takes time, effort and thought. You handwrite it and think about what you’re going to say before you put pen to paper. The stamps are tiny works of art and you take the time to go to the post box to send it away. You can smell the ink and tell who a letter is from by the handwriting. And you can hear their words in your head as you read it.

World Letter Writing Day

“Handwriting is your DNA, It’s your fingerprint that only you can share with others. Pick up a pen or pencil and write a letter.” – Source

The only person I can think of who does this anymore is my Nan. She’s from a different era and she doesn’t own a computer or a mobile phone. Text and emails are a foreign language to her, and if she ever wants to get in touch she will write me a letter. I love that, and I respond to her with a letter because that’s what she knows. She’s also the kind of woman who cherishes are a card at Christmas over any gift. And a ‘Thank You’ note means more to her than any other gesture.

I was really excited to be a part of The Viking Blogger Box campaign. They teamed up a few international bloggers from all over the world to put pen to paper and write to each other, just in time for World Letter Writing Day on September 1st! I just thought to myself…

“How nice it would be to get a letter someone had taken the time to write, rather than a bill through the door?”

My pen-pal was Esmeralda. She’s a blogger from the Netherlands and you can check her out at I read a little about her and sat down to write my letter. Suddenly I realised I couldn’t remember the last time I had picked up a pen! That was a sad realisation…

There is no auto-correct and ink cannot be erased, so there has to be real thought before you commit it to paper. So I actually spent some time really thinking about what I wanted to say and ask her. I then sealed my letter with the awesome wax stamp that was gifted to me by the campaign (proper oldschool style) and sent my letter away. I’m actually really excited for a reply and will definitely keep the pen-pal relationship going!

Laura Has a Blog

It was really nostalgic for me and I took more away from it than I thought I would. It’s inspired me to write, physically write, more. Be that journals, letters or just a handwritten shopping list. I encourage everyone to get involved with World Letter Writing day. There are tonnes of ways to find your own pen-pal and start a written word relationship with someone. If you do, be sure to share your experience on social using the hashtag #VikingInternationalPenPals and #WorldLetterWritingDay!

Until next time ♡

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