beauty, review, subscription box The PIP Box – July 23rd August 2017

This months Pip box is all about “summer in full swing” ranging from glitter pots to facial mists. I’ve got a least 3 subscription boxes to share with you (I’m so behind!) so I’m gonna jump straight in and get you up to speed!


Balm Balm Rose Toning Mist (RRP £7.50)
Glisten Glitter Pot & Primer (RRP £8.50)
ChirpBody Hair Mask (RRP £17.95)
PHB Lip Crayon Pink RRP (RRP £8.95)
Balm Balm Muslin Face Cloth (RRP £8.50 for set of 3)


This can be used as part of your facial skin care routine or as a pick me up during the day to refresh and re-hydrate. It’s also great for dry to combination skin types.
The key ingredient is Rose hydrosol, which is soothing, balancing and is supposed to help you to love yourself and to dispel anger. Who doesn’t want that?
The organic hydrosol is extremely delicate and should be kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight to keep it at its best!


Glitter is a MASSIVE trend right now. Anything from festival glitter eye make-up, to glitter tits and glitter booty looks. In this months box, you get a glitter primer and one of two glitter posts, Silver or Rose Gold. I got Silver, which I will admit I was slightly sad about because Rose Gold is my opium. But never-the-less, I will be putting this all over my face when the opportunity arises.

Simply put the primer wherever you want the glitter to go and gently pat the glitter on top until you get the look you want. Get creative, too much is not a thing when it comes to glitter! Visit the Glisten Cosmetics page for hints, tips, and inspiration!


I’ve received this in two of my subscriptions boxes, so I get the feeling this is a favourite within the cruelty-free community.
You use this on dry hair. Start at the bottom where your hair needs the most TLC, and work your way up to the roots. Massage in and leave for approx 25 minutes; so I’d recommend relaxing with a book or in the bath while it works its magic. They recommend to wash it out and shampoo at least twice to make sure there’s no residue, then follow up with your normal condition if you feel it’s necessary. I used this yesterday and my hair was so soft it just melted through my fingers. And was so shiny I felt like I was in a Pantene advert.

This mask is designed to make your hair softer, shinier and more manageable using pure and natural ingredients from Mother Nature herself. Rammed to the cap with nutrients, protein, vitamin E and fatty acids; it’s easily absorbed by the hair and scalp to give your noggin some serious love. It also boasts benefits of Coconut oil (for moisture and nourishment), Grapeseed oil, Castor seed oil, Olive fruit oil, Argan kernal oil, Jojoba fruit oil (contains most minerals needed for a healthy scalp and hair), Avocado oil, Grapefruit oil (high in vitamin C and protects from sun damage), Bergamot oil, Lemon oil, Tea Tree oil, Vanilla oil and Ylang Ylang flower oil (just to name a few).  There are no harsh chemicals, no synthetic perfumes, no parabens, SLS or SLES and one pouch will last you up to 5 washes.


We already know I’m a huge fan of PHB products and their lip liners are no exception. With 20% of all their profits going to charity, they’re a really great brand to invest in. Truly though, PHB lip liners are one of my favourites and are so easy to work with… I really recommend that you try them.

The lip crayons are highly pigmented, they literally glide on and great for sensitive lips as it’s all natural and organic ingredients. The pay off is a long-lasting matte colour that can be used on its own or as a base for a lipstick.
I used this as a base under my Saturated Colour SheerStick in Fresh Rose and got a really gorgeous pink nude lip that lasted all day long. The only touch up required was for the SheerStick itself, not the liner.


I’m a big fan of muslin cloths. I have one from Liz Earle which has now seen better days, so this was a nice treat to get! They’re great as a gentle exfoliator when used with your usual face wash and give you a really nice polished feel to the skin. They dry quickly between uses but I recommend to have a few and alternate them.

So that’s all the goodies in the July box! I have my Vegan Kind Beauty box to share with you and my August PIP box just arrived yesterday. So you’ll be seeing a few of these over the next few days/weeks.

Have you used any of these products before or looking to give them a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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