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Laura Has a Blog

This post is inspired by Vix Meldrew. She has a weekly email that comes out that offers really great blogging tips and resources, as well as lifestyle, fashion and general catch ups with what she’s up to. I’d recommend checking her out and signing up!

She’d listed some of her current favourite apps and I thought it’d be cool to share mine. They’re a mixed variety, so hopefully, there’ll be something you can all enjoy.


Okay, so this one is only applicable to half the population. But nevermind!

Clue is an app for the gals and helps to keep the guessing game of when werewolf season is due upon us, to a minimum. I was on the pill for about 12yrs and throughout that entire time, I think I can count on both hands how many periods I had. For some reason, I just never got one! I came off contraception to see if it impacted my MH in any way (spoiler alert, yes it did) so it was a shock to me and my system when it had to work its sh*t out again. This makes monitoring my “symptoms” and predicting when Mother Nature is going to pay a visit so much easier and I rely very heavily on it because it’s pretty damn accurate.


I’ve always wanted to learn a second language. It’s always been on my “to do list” and I think it’s pretty cool to have that skill in your arsenal. This app is completely free and has daily lessons to help you get a handle on the basics on a bunch of different languages. Then as you get better you learn phrases and eventually work your way up to fluent. It’s pretty cool because you can also join a “club” with others around the world to practice and learn your new language together.

Laura Has a Blog

Pokemon GO

I downloaded it when it first came out and was all over it. Then I got bored after the novelty wore off and didn’t have the patience for all the new updates. But long story short, I decided recently to download it again. Maybe the upcoming Nintendo game rekindled my nostalgia and love for it. The downside is I lost my old data so have had to start all over again. But it is encouraging me to get out more which can only be a good thing. Those eggs won’t hatch themselves!

A Color Story

This is my go-to app for editing my Instagram pictures. They have so many filters suited to any theme or aesthetic, and they have some really nice effects and editing tools too. I do almost all of my editing using this one app. I also really love the fact they’ve added a grid feature to this now. So you can edit your images and view them as they would appear to make sure it all matches. Perfect if you’re a theme junkie like me. It’s just a really great feature and another time saver since you don’t have to flick back and forth between apps all the time.


This app is actually a lot of fun and is great for 2 reasons. 1 – it’s free. 2 – you can win actual money. I found out about this one from Zoe London when she tweeted she’d won that day. Even though it’s trivia questions and they’re not that hard, there are some savage one! We got caught out on a Pop-Eye question and my other half nearly threw his phone at the wall in a fit of rage. Who the hell knows he originally got his super strength from petting a Hen?! Man, that was funny. Anyway! If you sign up, please use my code LGardi because I’m rubbish and I need the lives.

Any you would recommend? I’m always looking for new crap to download to my phone and never look at again. Let me know in the comments…

Until next time ♡

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